VINCENTZ AS Partner Story

Today, VINCENTZ AS is a pure Cloud & Unified Communications company focusing on delivering high-end service to their customers, an area where they can make a difference in the market. Becoming the first Partner in Denmark in March 2020, Vincentz paves the way for Wildix’s entry into the Nordics.

We spoke to Frank Vestergren Vincent, the company’s founder and owner, to find out more about why VINCENTZ AS dove into the Blue Ecosystem with Wildix.

“Around me, I have a very special team, who have been with me for a lot of years and are very good at what they do, and we can deliver whatever the customer wants us to deliver,” Frank said.

Speaking about their customer focus and what sets them apart on the Nordic market, he explained: “The main challenge is that the competition is selling traffic as well, and Vincentz is a solution provider and we don’t see ourselves as a telecommunications company selling traffic.

The customer should be able to choose which provider they use, whether that is a SIP provider or a mobile solution. But of course when needed and requested by the customer, a complete solution can be offered. It is important for Vincentz that the customer is able to change tele-providers and still keep VINCENTZ AS as their solution provider.”

“We believe that to be the best strategy to work with because otherwise we don’t stand a chance against the bigger companies here in the Nordics.”
With Wildix’s introduction to the Nordic market, VINCENTZ AS were quick to join, as Frank said:

“From the first moment I was contacted and introduced to Wildix, I could see that here we had a possible partner that thought about everything.”

VINCENTZ AS had already been looking for a second choice for their customers. Up until that point they had been 100% on the Mitel solution, and it was hard to find other providers as they did not have anything that matched. That is, until Wildix came.

“Wildix is a solution that is very strong in many ways,” Vincent elaborated. “You can get a complete package from the start. It has a nice design, and with very dedicated employees who are easy to contact and who get back to us. I think in the next year or two we will see massive interest from our country and VINCENTZ AS. ”

“The frontend user interface for our customers is a massive benefit; it’s easy to operate and a big plus is that our customers can design it to fit their needs.”

Discussing the value of the Wildix solution, Frank had more to say as well:

“The value comes from the fact that Wildix is not a little company. We have a lot of competitors that make nice solutions in Denmark and the Nordics, but when you look at the company behind those solutions they only have 2-3 technicians. As a customer you have to ask yourself, what happens when those technicians get new jobs? That’s something that is not a problem with Wildix.” The Wildix solution also brought VINCENTZ AS advantages amid the pandemic and what restrictions and lock-down brought.

“The Wildix solution is a Smart Working solution. It fits this new situation with virtual working,” Frank said.

“The best thing about the lockdown was that it forced the customer to really get to know this new way of working. One thing is to work at home, but another thing is to work remotely and have the same possibilities as when you’re on the road, in a meeting room or at the customer site. We don’t have to explain anymore the benefits of having a solution in the cloud, that is easy to access and always in real time.

“It is a very nice solution to work with, and you can sell it very easily. But it still has all the advanced features.”
Recapping his experience with Wildix, Frank concluded: “I was impressed that Wildix is a one-stop shop! It covers all our needs where we can deliver everything, so then we can support everything. The whole portfolio with hardware and software is quite amazing, I haven’t seen something like that before.”