Wildix Cloud

The power of Wildix in the Cloud

All the Wildix Unified Communications features are available in the Cloud.

We haven’t forgotten anything!


Communication-Enabled Business Processes

Wildix WebAPI integrates UC into such applications as CRM, ERP.

Bring your deviceBring Your Own


Unified Communications on employee-owned iOS and Android devices.

Wildix Monitoring


Without control and analysis there is no strategy. Real-time call activity monitoring.


VoIP system and
WMS Network


Wildix is a complete and multi-site SIP/XMPP and Unified Communications solution.

Wildix Cloud

The Cloud that works even when offline.

The WMS Network creates a hybrid Cloud which uses the local resources and ensures the continuity of services even when encountering problems with Internet connection.

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If you are using Cloud and you have problems with Internet, you are in a big trouble.

Wildix Cloud together with WMS Network makes sure you can continue working even when offline. This multisite solution already used by banks, chain stores, hospitals and highways, ensures continuity of services in all the branch offices, even in the most critical situations.
How does it work?

The Server PBX of the WMS Network is situated in the Cloud. You can connect as many Client PBXs as you wish and anywhere you need, to the Server. The Client PBXs are connected to the Server and to all the other reachable Client.

The users database and the ACLs (Access Control Lists) are synced all over the network.
Calls, chat, video and presence information is transmitted from Client to Client. In cases when direct communication between the Client PBXs is impossible, the Server is used as proxy.

What does it serve for?

  1. Do you have to call emergency services? With a Client connected to the Cloud and an ISDN line, the services are guaranteed also in the event that Internet connection is missing.
  2. Do you have some branch offices with slow and insecure Internet connection? It’s not a problem, the full operational capability is ensured using the local lines, regardless of Internet connection quality and availability.
  3. Does your business operate internationally? Your remote offices in other countries can work independently of the central structure.
Wildix Collaboration Cloud

The lightness of simplicity

Enable a PBX Cloud in one click.
Fully integrated into the Wildix Management Portal.

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