Call First-Class all-around,
secure in the Cloud


International customers need an international service.

Often, companies with multi-country sites struggle to find a tool that allows them to unify their internal and external communications. Trunks still do not provide failover or good fax support. Furthermore, these trunks still do not support HD audio.

Companies need a solution that is 100% secure by design, increases their productivity and boosts their efficiency, too. All these advantages should also be provided by the same operator.

However, lacking these features ends up becoming a big obstacle that slows down the internationalization process for companies all over the world.

Now, in order to offer a business booster that’s available across 133 countries, Wildix is introducing a new, revolutionary way of providing phone lines to customers: CLASSOUND.

Classound logo

CLASSOUND is the only solution that allows you to enjoy First Class Audio Quality all over the world,safely in the Cloud.
It provides the First Class Sound you deserve, wherever you work.

What can you do with CLASSOUND?

  • HD Audio and video by default (even in the presence of packet loss and jitter)
  • Easy configuration via WMP and WMS
  • Built-in Trunk: no need for configuration
  • Encryption always enabled by default: we guarantee protection against fraudulent activities
  • Failover by default
  • Migrating with no impact on end users’ activities
    • Outgoing calls will work via CLASSOUND from day 0 after the customer decides to switch, all without using temporary numbers as their outgoing caller ID. (Yes, the customer will be able to immediately use their existing phone numbers!)
    • For incoming calls, the switch will occur automatically as soon as the previous operator releases their numbers to you.

These are just some of the revolutionary features CLASSOUND offers.
Choose a reliable and secure service for your customers!


What is the lead time from order to porting?

Generally 5 days, but time is contingent on losing carrier, could be up to 30 days.

In what areas can we use this service?

Anywhere in the world our SIP Service can be used on the same Network.

Is this ordered per system or per user?

Ordering is accomplished on the per user model. Merged with the seat license user has 3000 minutes a month. Seat license can be Basic, Essential, Business or Premium.

Can SIP minutes be pooled?

No. Minutes are not pooled between users.

Is this a managed network from Wildix?

We have network management capability from end to end.

What is the Process for ordering?

Classound activation order