Wildix CLASSOUND Subscriptions
More Than Double in Just One Year

Press release

Instant Virtual Porting and a strong Microsoft Teams integration
have added to the demand

Tallinn, Estonia — April 20, 2023 — Wildix announced today that the number of licenses for its international SIP trunking service, CLASSOUND, has increased by over 150% in the past year. While data shows a fourfold increase in customers using the teams4Wildix integration, a CLASSOUND exclusive that brings all the features of the Wildix phone system to Microsoft Teams, it is the service’s truly international reach and Instant Virtual Porting option that have made the biggest impact.
Wildix’s CLASSOUND is a 100% secure SIP trunking solution that delivers HD quality VoIP service to local and international calls in over 200 countries. The service is available for all Wildix phone systems out of the box, requiring no additional configuration.
“As an international company, we appreciate the need to have a presence in multiple countries and to easily connect distant offices,” explains Elena Kornilova, Product Marketing Manager at Wildix. “These results show that the flexibility offered by our CLASSOUND service has struck a chord with businesses looking for a high-quality, secure and feature-rich telephony service that can connect their employees with customers, whether they are in the office, at home or even calling from MS Teams.”
Elena Kornilova, Product Marketing Manager at Wildix
Elena Kornilova,
Product Marketing Manager at Wildix
CLASSOUND has DIDs available in more than 130 countries, as well as Instant Virtual Porting, which allows companies to start receiving calls via CLASSOUND to their existing numbers immediately without waiting for a porting date.
“Traditional porting is a waste of time and money. It can take about two weeks for numbers to move to a new carrier, and during that time the customer pays for both their old and new service. On top of that, the moment the change happens, a dialplan has to be built immediately,” notes Elena. “Fortunately, with last year’s roll-out of Instant Virtual Porting, you can now set up and use CLASSOUND from the day you purchase it. Your customer no longer needs to worry about a porting date; everything works from day one.”
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