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Milners Solicitors provides a range of civil legal services to its clients, including probate, conveyancing and PI all the way up to complex business services, such as advising on commercial litigation, employment practices and public enquiries. To handle all of this, however, it needs a robust business communications solution that’s secure and practical to use. With this in mind, they looked at a variety of solutions.

The Problem

One of the biggest challenges facing them, however, was the inflexibility of their previous phone system. By their nature, solicitors are often out of the office, whether at court or simply visiting clients. Victoria Barraclough, compliance partner at Milners explains:
Victoria Barraclough, compliance partner at Milners

“Clients would call in, and we would internally transfer, but that would be it. It'd be very limited, and we wouldn’t be able to transfer calls out to mobile telephones or anything such as that. We needed a telephone system and a communication system that would be able to get hold of solicitors who would not be in the office. People would need to get hold of clients when solicitors were at court, when [at] other client meetings or were traveling to and from clients."

Victoria mentions the lockdown as forcing a rethink in what they truly required in a communications system, and the company became convinced that their previous solution wasn’t appropriate for their needs.
“We experienced no end of problems with our previous platform,” Victoria states. “It was totally ineffective for the business needs. We ended up with a system that a client would call in, [we’d] have to take a message — lots of delay in getting the solicitor speaking to the client.”

The Solution

Any new solution needed the ability to communicate on the go, and that’s exactly what Yoozoom, a Wildix Gold Partner, provided. “The new system, however, staff can get hold of clients, clients get hold of staff, and management can get hold of anyone that they need to at the touch of a button,” says Victoria. “We went with Wildix because it’s really easy to use, really flexible. Members of staff can use it when working from home, it could be used globally if we need to — it’s an absolutely incredible system. We’ve had a relationship with Yoozoom for about 18 months but have gone live with them for the last 14. The customer service of Yoozoom is quick, efficient and very friendly. It’s on the money — they cannot be more helpful.”
Like many businesses, Milners has undergone a transition to remote working and hybrid working patterns as preferred. Part of that is due to the way Wildix systems work seamlessly with each other, but everything is also highly intuitive. It’s so much easier when clients can reach out to you rapidly.
“We use Wildix Collaboration, which allows us to be able to use our mobile phones, our laptops and our desktop phones,” explains Victoria. ”The main change we’ve had since using Wildix and Yoozoom is the efficiency with how we communicate to staff. Everyone can work from home — I love working from home — and that flexibility is invaluable when you’ve got a family, and being able to get your clients to be able to get in touch with members of staff quickly, efficiently is at the core of our business and is very important to us.”

The Results

Victoria notes that the benefits are tangible when you use a more efficient communication system and can communicate while on the go.

“Our two main benefits from using the Wildix system are time efficiencies and the ease of communication with clients and staff,” she states. “I believe that we save about 60 minutes a day roughly using the new system in comparison to our old system and lost communication time. I think that we've saved between £15,000 and £20,000 in our first year in cost efficiencies.”

When asked about how she felt about Wildix solutions, she responds, “I would absolutely recommend the Wildix system to other law firms due to its flexibility, its efficiency and ease of use.”

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