Valore BF

Valore BF

Valore BF believes in smart working and increases the quality of services

The Wildix communication system with integrated Plantronics headphones revolutionizes workstations in the company.

Smart working has been a talked about topic for quite some time.

Being able to work in mobility, without having to necessarily be “tied” to a desk, able to therefore bring home useful instruments for our job: this is smart working.

Today there are many Italian companies which have adopted this new “method of working”, a way which looks to a technological future always more productive but also more attentive to the quality of the workplace, because it is able to limit correlated work stress.

Valore BF inserts itself in the framework of the early adopters of this innovative philosophy.

The Valore BF group was created in 1985 in Busto Arsizio in the province of Varese, founded by Fabio Bernardini and which today boasts 5 locations to their name, for a total of 150 authorized personnel.

Valore BF presents itself as a single agent for business technology, offering consulting and operative support in different areas of the ICT (from printers to Unified Communications).

With the event of the opening of the new location in Gallarate, Roberto Stronati, UC&C specialist and Davide Ronchi, technical manager, have researched a way to provide a new location, which also has an open space for the call center, and appropriate instruments for smart working.

As Wildix Business Partners, they chose the Wildix communication system which offers a Collaboration tool accessible through browser, and which therefore is available from any device and from any location, to guarantee total mobility (also through smartphone apps).

Wanting to eliminate landline phones, last anchors for work tied to a desk, Robert and David find themselves to be in need of having to choose headsets for the call center agents and those in the back office. The main requirement is their ability to integrate with the Wildix communication system.

After careful market analysis they choose Plantronics, “moved by the trust and reliability factor of the brand.” As Stronati himself tells us.

Many of the headsets of the Plantronics commercial offer are, in fact, integrated with the Wildix solution, this means that the user who receives a phone call, can respond or hang up by pressing the keys directly on the headset, with a substantial increase in response reactivity.

Luisa Carullo, Back Office Manager for Valore BF, comments: “The use of the headsets provides comfort for those who work on the phone, allowing them the carry out in a simple and quick way other tasks. The quality of the audio is certainly better than a phone handset… not to mention the amount of available space we have gained on the desks by eliminating the phones.”

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