“Our relationship with Wildix began in 2012 with the opening of a new branch and the growing difficulty in managing the communication systems of a multi-location reality, which was expanding and whose costs were increasing.

From here the decision to adopt the VoIP technology, recommended to us by our IT partners–the NEW company. From that moment all the new branches, or the old ones which needed technological updating, are adopting a Wildix communication system, which makes it possible for us to have all the PBXs connected in one intracompany network.” Cristian Donà, IT Manager of  Trivellato, explains.

“Trivellato is in the sales, assistance and replacement parts business for major brands. In addition to the Torri di Quartesolo location, in the province of Vicenza, we have 8 branches and we cover 4 provinces in the region of Veneto, with approximately 250 collaborators.

Specifically for our widespread presence throughout the region, the Wildix system has simplified the way our collaborators communicate and the way of managing the IT sector throughout the entire company.

The ease of configuration is without a doubt the greatest advantage of a system in the network, where from the main location it is possible to remotely control 5 branches, which at the moment have three WGW 40 and two WGW 16 systems installed.   

The Wildix DECT phone devices allow for great dynamism, just like Collaboration, which makes it possible for each employee to know if his or her colleagues are at their workstation or busy, and therefore to use the most appropriate means of communication; we have, in addition, assigned a prefix to each branch, and the communication between branches takes place with the same speed of those between two extensions in the same company.   

Lastly, in those areas where we switched to VoIP, we have seen a saving of at least 30% on phone calls.”

The Trivellato Group is an official sales and assistance dealership for Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz Industrial Vehicles, Mitsubishi Center and authorized assistance for Unimog, Setra and Mercedes-Benz bus.  

The holding was created in 1922, as a motorcycle workshop, and since 1954 as a Mercedes-Benz dealership. Through the years it faced various challenges, demonstrating dynamism, desire to succeed and team spirit: in 1961, a car racing team is founded, the Trivellato Racing Team, in the 80s the basketball sponsorships began, then, from 2013, the partnership with the Hellas Verona F.C., and for twenty years by now the group has been promoting the Vicenza Jazz Festival.

The collaboration with the partners of NEW, flexible and dynamic company in the province of Vicenza, which has been operating in the IT and telephone markets since 1999, was essential for the changeover to Wildix, betting on the innovation in the complete PBX solutions and giving great significance to the integration between voice and data.

Branches in the network, remote management, flexibility in communication, a significant saving in costs: immediate advantages for an integrated and innovative communication system.

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