Thomas & Thomas Solicitors

Thomas & Thomas Solicitors

Thomas & Thomas Solicitors overcome pandemic challenges without losing trade, thanks to Wildix with Gower Business Systems

Thomas & Thomas Solicitors have been providing professional non-litigation services (such as residential conveyancing, probate, wills and trusts, inheritance tax advice, lasting power of attorney, court of protection and elderly care issues) to their numerous local and distant clients since 2008.

The nature of the company’s business requires constant communication with clients and staff. Therefore, to have a reliable communication system in place is absolutely vital for daily operations and business sustainability.

Melissa Thomas (Director/Solicitor) explains how switching to Wildix with Gower Business Systems has enabled them to be fully operational during the pandemic without losing a single incoming inquiry. This has resulted in business continuity, the ability of staff to work remotely using a professional Communication System and has widened the range of their services. Now, Thomas & Thomas Solicitors are able to offer not only telephone support but also virtual one-to-one appointments with clients via Wildix videoconferencing.

The Challenge

“I started looking for a new Communication System before Christmas 2020 as a response to the needs of the modern workforce that require flexible and remote working functionality several days a week” – began Ms Thomas. “Our client’s requirements have changed over the last few years too – the majority of younger clients are looking to have virtual appointments rather than in-person, therefore, having a modern and flexible Communication System in place became absolutely crucial for our dynamic business.

The previous system did not meet our changing needs; it was just a standard telephone system. There was no call reporting, and we had no facility to record the call and listen back – and this is very important as at times we need to refer to some clients’ conversations and details we get over the phone.”

The Results

“Wildix has made a significant difference for us: – we’re not missing any leads; we’re not missing any calls and it’s been vital with Wills because we couldn’t have clients in the office due to the pandemic – videoconferencing has definitely helped us stay fully operational and busy.

Also, we have not incurred expenses on mobile calls as without Wildix, our staff would have to use their personal mobiles phones and pay for them which Thomas & Thomas Solicitors would have to refund afterwards.

Another benefit is the fact that the Wildix system was accepted by our indemnity insurance company and we haven’t had any cyber security issues or concerns which can often be the case with employees sharing their personal numbers and using personal mobile phones at work. By having a professional and secure communication system, we have excluded this potential threat, and the remote working wasn’t just comfortable and safe through these challenging times, but also secure from a professional point.

Flexibility of working with such features as call recording and call reporting, in hindsight, were the best things we have ever done because obviously we just didn’t miss any leads. So many solicitor practices in the area must have lost business opportunities as they did not have the right communication system in place to go through the pandemic. We, on the contrary, continued as normal and no one noticed any difference. I would definitely recommend Wildix and Gower to any other business as the system pays for itself.”

The Solution

“Our communication advisors from Gower Business Systems have been taking care of our IT infrastructure for about 9-10 years. We started working together shortly after Thomas & Thomas Solicitors were founded. Gower understand the nature of our business, and they instantly knew how to deliver the solution we were looking for. After listening to their expert advice and having demonstrations of Wildix capabilities, we moved to Wildix and are delighted with the excellent solution we now have. It assists us perfectly and was deployed just in time to help get us through the pandemic without losing any call or business.”

Gower Business Systems have tailored a bespoke solution for twenty-five employees of Thomas & Thomas Solicitors, the Staff are making use of Collaboration, the mobile App, handsets in the office, videoconferencing for virtual appointments etc.

Some of the top benefits achieved include

  • Flexibility of working;
  • Better lead management;
  • No personal mobile call expenses due to the use of Collaboration and the mobile App;
  • Easy to use video conferencing;
  • Cyber secure.

The project at Thomas & Thomas Solicitors is run and maintained by Gower Business Systems, a Wildix Gold Partner in the UK since 2019. Gower Business Systems have provided IT and Telecoms solutions and support for everyday business problems since their formation in 1991.

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