SIDERISE Group decreases missed sales calls by 10% with Wildix by Channel Comms Ltd

SIDERISE Group, are one of the UK’s leading providers of innovative insulation solutions for Acoustic, Fire and Thermal applications, with more than 45 years of industry experience and recognition. SIDERISE needed a secure and easy to use business communications solution that could effectively connect all their UK based staff as well as the overseas agents in Australia and Dubai at times of the global pandemic.

John McLoughlin – IT & Systems Officer at SIDERISE Group explained the reasons behind their decision for moving to a new business communications system, commented on the difficulties SIDERISE were experiencing with their previous vendor, and the role of the systems security architecture in their decision of moving to Wildix’s WebRTC, VPN- free communications system.

The Challenge

“We were facing 2 challenges with our previous telephone system” – Mr McLoughlin explained. “The immediate and primary was the global situation, and the lockdown, as we needed to send the majority of our staff to work from home, but at the same time ensure business continuity, and make sure all our customers’ calls were answered and treated properly without a delay, we couldn’t miss any incoming request, therefore a reliable and efficient smart working phone system was a number one priority for us at that time.”

According to Mr McLoughlin, the second challenge was caused by SIDERISE’S expansion to the APAC region and the Far East, as the organisation needed to introduce a corporate communications system that could equally perform in any location of the world, unifying all their UK and overseas based agents.

“We have an office in Dubai and we had all manner of difficulties to connect Dubai employees to our, at that time existing phone system, partly because in Dubai they have
laws against VPNs, so we couldn’t establish a proper corporate communication between all our staff. Also, we understood that we needed to take a long-term view into this project, as in the future we could potentially run into a similar issue in other countries in that region, and that is why a cloud-based phone system, where we could bring everybody no matter where they were located, was the best way forward for us.

The Solution

“We started looking at introducing a cloud-based phone system at the beginning of the year before the lockdown. I knew about Wildix thanks to Channel Comms Ltd and it was just a matter of waiting until it was the right time for the business. Obviously the worldwide situation speeded up the decision making process, and we moved to Wildix within a few hours, as we needed to quickly incorporate all our offices.”

“We considered several options: 8×8, Cisco, and Wildix – among them all we chose Wildix because the system could offer us all the capabilities we were looking for: security, no VPNs or SBCs, extremely quick deployment, intuitive, could run on any device without a need to install anything as it operates directly from a web-browser, and it was extremely attractively priced, which wasn’t the ultimate driver of course, but it obviously made a big difference.”

The Results

The company’s Customer Service Support has improved significantly with Wildix, resulting in increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction, greater number of businesses whose requests were processed and therefore motinized.

“Before using Wildix we were losing about 10-15 % of calls from existing and potential customers. Thanks to the new communication system, we started looking closer at the data, we’ve identified where we’re failing, so the average time from a customer ringing to the agent picking up has dropped from 3 minutes down to 40 seconds, which results in greater value and the amount of deals we close now. We have seen the profit increase of about 10% in the last 4 months since introducing Wildix thanks to our advisors at Channel Comms Ltd.”

Some of the top benefits achieved include:

  • Decreased missed sales calls by 10%
  • Reduced time for agents to pick up customer calls from 3 minutes to 40 seconds
  • Increased inbound conversion of enquiry to customer thanks to better service
  • Overcame security challenge thanks to WebRTC (no VPN or SBC)
  • Established secure and incorporated communications system for 100 users across 3 different sites in the UK, Australia and Dubai
  • Established a smoother, more convenient customer experience

*The project at SIDERISE Group is run and maintained by Channel Comms Ltd, Wildix Gold Partner in the UK since 2019. Channel Comms Ltd are a leading provider of corporate telecommunications, business broadband, business mobile, cloud solutions and IT services.

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