Global Village Academy Aurora

Engaging Remote Learning Achieved with Wildix’s Wizyconf System

Global Village Academy Aurora incorporates virtual & hybrid class environments for a richer learning experience

As schools move to remote models, whether due to quarantine guidelines or community expectations, teachers and faculty require a digital platform for video conferencing with remote students. Using the Wildix system for this setup immediately helps establish reliable online and hybrid classroom sessions between teachers and students, thanks to both reliable virtual meetings and numerous integration capabilities. Wildix even enhances collaboration among school faculty through convenient and highly accessible instant messaging.

The internationally focused Global Village Academy educates students from a global perspective, with a school curriculum that emphasizes immersive education in a second language, cultural diversity and 21st century critical thinking.

Faced with a “new normal” where remote learning is expected, Global Village Academy realized a pressing need for a modern and truly unified communications system.
As the Academy worked with Ohiya Networks, a reseller for the Wildix Partner Liberty Communications, they achieved this result through a Wildix solution.
CJ Arellano, Assistant Principal for the middle school at the Academy, described the effect this new setup has had on the school:
Educators at Global Village Academy likewise had significant benefits to report from their end.
Wildix has made my life as an educator here at Global Village Academy so much easier in so many different ways,” related Brian Whitten, 8th Grade Science Teacher for the Academy. “First off, the instant messaging with my colleagues and my teammates, being able to share attachments and instantly see when they read it is huge.”
Alex Doyle, 7th grade science teacher at the school, likewise said:
“It made it a lot easier to communicate with other teachers, or with front office staff, or just anyone I needed to communicate with in the middle of the day. We didn’t have to call each other and play phone tag; you could just send a quick chat to somebody, and they could see it and then reply to it whenever they needed to. So it just made communicating amongst my teammates, and just other teachers or administrators, a lot easier.”
One tool that the Academy discovered to be especially valuable was Wizyconf, which improved the vital element of student engagement in the remote format. Thanks to Wizyconf, faculty cited Wildix as a key way to build rapport and improve communications with students, not just among teachers and staff.
According to Mr. Arellano, “[Wizyconf] gives the teachers and the facilitator more control, and creates the online environment to make it more engaging for students. And that’s what we’re about: we’re about making an engaging learning environment for kids. When Covid hit and we had to go into a remote setting, what we offered here at Global Village was more of a hybrid experience: we had kids in front of us but then we also had kids at home.
This platform allowed us to meet the needs of our kids at home and bring those kids at home to the classroom and offer a more engaging experience for them versus just from the laptop, because you’re trying to manage people in front of you but also people in a remote setting.”
Given these results, recommending Wildix is an easy answer from the Academy.

Other school systems should utilize the Wildix system moving forward,” Mr. Arellano emphasized. “I would recommend it, and the reason why I would recommend it is because not just that it collapses infrastructure into one platform, but it integrates with a lot other technologies that are out there very seamlessly. You can be innovative, and now during what I would call ‘the new normal’ it allows us to get creative in the way we can approach education from a remote aspect and be able to incorporate technology and 21st century learning very easily.”


Value Gained

  • Create virtual classrooms over Wizyconf for remote learning environments
  • Combine web conferencing with in-person classrooms for hybrid learning experience
  • Maintain control over virtual classroom sessions with intuitive system interface
  • More easily communicate with faculty by using instant messaging in place of phone calls
  • Integrate Wildix system with current school technologies for greater efficiency
  • Streamline operations by unifying communication systems into one interface
  • Reduce training time through unified approach to digital communications
  • Achieve a modern, forward-thinking system for simpler connections to students

The solution was implemented by Wildix Reseller

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Greenwood Village, CO 80111,
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