Enhancing Community Safety and Decreasing Shrinkage at Tenby Stores & Post Office with x‑hoppers and SolaaS Limited

Implementing x‑hoppers for Enhanced Security and Loss Prevention

Tenby Stores Limited is an award-winning convenience shop and a post office, which offers everyday essential products and postal services to its customers. The company nurtures strong connections with clients and strives to deliver personalised experience for every individual they serve.
Tenby stores faced a pressing challenge: escalating crime rates and threat of violence when confronting perpetrators. Through the implementation of the AI‑fueled x‑hoppers solution, including its AI theft-detection alerts, the company was able to bolster safety measures and substantially minimise loss due to shrinkage. Tenby was also able to enhance internal communication efficiency using x‑hoppers’ unique blend of wireless headsets and AI assistance.
Fiona Melone, Co-owner and director at Tenby recounts, “Crime is on the rise… We also have the issue that if someone is challenged potentially they could get violent.”
To tackle this challenge head‑on, Tenby Stores Limited turned to Wildix Gold Partner — SolaaS Limited, for the innovative solution, x‑hoppers. With its seamless and AI‑powered communication capabilities, x‑hoppers became an indispensable tool for the store’s staff. Fiona elaborates, “It’s a fantastic communication tool for our staff… Since the introduction of x‑hoppers, we’ve seen massive change here… Our staff now feel safer.”
Previously reliant on a doorbell system prone to failure, the implementation of x‑hoppers revolutionised communication within the store, bridging the gap between front and back staff members. The tangible results were swift and significant. Prior to adopting x‑hoppers, the company faced an annual shrinkage of approximately £25,000, a figure that saw a significant reduction post-implementation.
Before we had x‑hoppers, we were looking at a shrinkage of about £25,000 a year, which is significant for a small business and that has been dramatically reduced now.
Fiona Malone
Store Director
Central to Fiona’s praise for x‑hoppers is its user-friendly app, providing real-time information and invaluable peace of mind. The app empowers Fiona to monitor live conversations, identify training needs and swiftly address incidents of theft. This not only enhances staff safety but also ensures seamless customer service, as staff members can promptly assist them, guaranteeing a positive experience for customers.
Reflecting on the transformative impact of Wildix’s solution, Fiona expressed great satisfaction with x‑hoppers, highlighting its effectiveness in improving both safety and operational efficiency. She remarks, “It’s been absolutely amazing… It makes me feel safe, it makes our staff feel safe, and it makes our customers feel that they’ve been served well.”
In conclusion, SolaaS Limited’s partnership with Tenby Stores Limited exemplifies a commitment to community safety and operational excellence. Through the implementation of x‑hoppers by Wildix, Fiona Malone and her team have mitigated security risks and fostered a more connected and empowered workforce, ultimately delivering exceptional service to their valued customers. As Wildix continues to innovate and collaborate with partners like SolaaS Limited, it stands poised to create safer, more efficient, and thriving communities worldwide.


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