Penalized by a phone system in leasing, which was expensive and complicated to manage, Empruntis decided, late in 2014, to adopt a new communication system with much more contained costs and requiring much simpler maintenance.

Intuitive, inexpensive, innovative and compatible with the Kiamo interface, the software for client management used by the Empruntis consultants, Wildix proved to be the ideal solution.

Founded in 2000, the Group became the leader in France in mortgage mediation. It is made up of two distribution channels: empruntis.com for remote brokering and Empruntis, the agency for brokering in person.

“Creating a relationship of trust and supporting our clients, by using the telephone exclusively, requires a high level of skill on behalf of our operators, but also solid reliability in the communication instruments. Having 150 phone lines operating at the same time every day, all day, is fundamental or even vital to our company.”

Yann Djenderedjian, IT manager of Empruntis, explains.

During the month of December 2014, the group adopted a complete Wildix Unified Communication solution, which makes it possible to interconnect 1.000 employees which handle up to 300 calls at the same time, guaranteeing continuity of service.

The use of UC&C software applications improves the business processes: Wildix Collaboration tool streamlines internal communication, while CDR-View call analysis and reporting tool offers a more in-depth data statistics, with the goal of optimizing call management and improving the level of availability of our operators.

Thanks to the rapid and precise installation by our partner Alsotel, the Wildix solution has made it possible for Empruntis to use the new phone system as of January; and starting the management and control of its activity in an autonomous, serene and reliable way.

A few months later, the company sends Wildix France a letter:

In the month of December (2014), we decided to substitute our PBX with a Wildix unified communication system. After just a few months of use, we express our great satisfaction in the choice made.  

The delivery was quick and the installation was facilitated by the automatic provisioning of all the devices by the PBX. The solution makes it possible for us to control our call center activities, at lower costs.  

To maintain our position as leaders and continue to improve results, the company has counted on innovation, change and collaboration. This is what the Wildix solution has given us.  

We would like to thank you and your partner, for your professionalism and consultation, and I am truly happy with this choice, which we hope will continue will further implementations.  

Best regards,

Yann Djenderedjian


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