Davines S.p.A.

Davines S.p.A.

A leader in the cosmetics industry resolved its overload problems with the Wildix app

Davines S.p.A. is a family owned business that operates on an international level in the cosmetics industry, with commercial offices in Holland, France, Great Britain, the United States and Mexico, with over 80 distributors all over the world.

The productive center of this company is in Italy, more precisely in Parma: here, the laboratories that specialize in skin & hair care, create the products destined to go to beauty professionals.

Simone Rabaglia, System & Helpdesk Manager for Davines S.p.A., explained how the previous PBX, of an old generation, was no longer able to satisfy the growing needs of the company:

“Our Panasonic PBX had obsolete functions: no software interface and digital phones that functioned with the telephone network. Not even the DECT network worked well, the system was overloaded: when many users used the cordless phones, the DECT network stopped working.”

Davines S.p.A. decided to move towards VoIP technology, attracted by the possibility of using new functions such as instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing.

Simone Rabaglia told us: “Initially we had thought of Skype for Business, but it was not the right tool: the suite was too complex, the interface turned out to be difficult to understand and the hardware requirements necessary were unthinkable to install.”

“Our analysis and evaluations had led us to choose between two solutions: Cisco or Wildix. We chose Wildix because we were able to immediately appreciate the WebRTC protocol, which ensures incredible flexibility and ease of use. Cisco would have required detailed installation and training, both for the user and for the administrator, while the Wildix solution immediately gave us the impression of being smarter, quicker and much easier to configure.”

According to Simone, a strong point of the Wildix system is the mobile app for iPhone and Android: “The app allowed us to significantly reduce DECT use, which had the disadvantage of limited coverage. Almost all of my colleagues have installed the app on their smartphone and this ensures exceptional availability and work continuity: practically everyone is reachable at any moment.”

Simone Rabaglia is also very satisfied with the support received during the installation phase:

“We have received excellent support from the Wildix partner Emironet, UNICOMM certified Wildix Platinum partner. A few small bugs which came up were resolved in a short time, and even our requests for implementation of some functions (such as synchronized chat and WhatsApp style read receipts) were met and quickly developed.”

Davines S.p.A. is a company that is continuously in evolution and has already decided which future developments there will be:

“At this time, 300 users have access to Wildix, but this number is likely to reach 500 users with the future entry into Davines Village.
Additionally, it is our intention to extend licenses to all Davines branches because the Wildix potential is enormous.”


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