The Biasuzzi Holiday centers communicate thanks to Wildix.

Founded by Giuseppe Biasuzzi, the group which goes by the same name, with main offices in Ponzano Veneto, operates in a variety of fields, such as building construction, breeding of thoroughbreds, farming and tourism.Biasuzzi has chosen the Wildix unified communication solution for all the telephone communication needs of its two holiday resorts, one located in Italy and one in Croatia, finding numerous advantages in terms of cost savings and operational flexibility.

The company has two tourist establishments overlooking the Adriatic Sea: the first, Villaggio San Francesco, is in Caorle, in the province of Venice, the other, Bi-Village, is located in Croatia, on the peninsula of Istria. As a whole, the two villages, each of which having an area of over 35,000 hectares and able to accommodate approximately 5-6,000 people simultaneously, accounts for approximately 550,000 tourists each season.  

The main necessity was that of “creating a single booking center for both tourist structures, since the solution of having two separate offices was proving to be not very flexible and no longer in line with the growth of the business and the considerations towards the clients” (Ilenia Cherubin, Sales and Marketing Director for Biasuzzi – Tourism Department). Additionally, it was necessary to create a direct connection between the two holiday resorts and the Ponzano Veneto main headquarters. Wildix installed two PBXs: one for the resort in Italy and the other for the one in Croatia, connected together with an HDSL type of network. Wildix VoIP phones were installed in both resorts. The unified Reservations Center was set up in the Croatian location.

The advantages of the new Wildix branded communications solution are many: “in the first place, it is important to mention that the phone numbers were not changed, so the clients were not required to change their routine – Ilenia Cherubin underlines – But above all, with the booking centralization in a single location, today we can carry out all the duties relevant to the reservations of private clients and tour operators with a number of resources which is exactly half of those required previously, making it possible to therefore dedicate a greater amount of attention to the other activities intended for our clients”.

It is important to emphasize also the significant reduction in the costs related to phone communications obtained specifically with the switch to standard IP calls, which in addition to allowing greater flexibility, makes it possible to save on the cost of telecom services. Lastly, a further advantage given by Wildix’s VoIP telephone solutions is the opportunity to carry out an analysis on the data related to the phone calls.

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