Wildix & Anywhere Cloud Partner Story

Wildix & Anywhere Cloud Partner Story

From Engineer to Entrepreneur: Lee McCann's Journey with Wildix and the Launch of Anywhere Cloud

In a recent conversation, Lee McCann, a Wildix UK Gold Partner, shared his experience about his long standing relationship with the vendor. As a former telecommunication engineer turned business owner, Lee offered a unique perspective on the Wildix solution, highlighting both its technical strengths and its customer benefits. He also discussed his motivation for starting his own business after serving as a technical specialist for another MSP.
“I first learned about Wildix around 2017. At my previous MSP business we were looking for a modern replacement for the Samsung hardware telephony platform that was our primary offering at that time. We were given a live demonstration of Wildix, and were blown away by the intuitiveness and ease of use. As we were looking to replace legacy hardware telephony with a UCaaS solution, it needed to be user-friendly and innovative and Wildix suited us perfectly.”
The decision to choose Wildix over competitors was influenced significantly by its comprehensive ecosystem. “Every other vendor we looked at — 8×8, 3CX, there were plenty of them — needed third-party products to complete the solution,” Lee said. The need for external products like a Yealink handset or a Cisco WebEx mobile app left other solutions feeling disjointed and insecure. “Wildix was head and shoulders above everybody else,” Lee added.
Lee highlighted that the constant support from Wildix staff and the reliability of the Wildix platform has built strong trust among their customers, many of whom operate 24/7.
Lee noted that the Wildix onboarding program has played a crucial role in Anywhere Cloud’s journey with the vendor. “I’ve done all the engineering, sales training and the ValueSelling course too,” said Lee. The ValueSelling workshop was particularly transformative for him: “I’m not a natural salesperson and have worked as an engineer for 25 years, this course provided me with a foundation and new techniques for selling. My experience had only included some pre-sales and post-sales activities, but not the actual selling process. The ValueSelling course helped me understand that, as an engineer, using technical jargon doesn’t effectively sell the system. Instead, it’s about identifying the customer’s problem and finding a solution, rather than focusing on the product itself.”
We asked Lee about one of the most interesting projects he managed since founding Anywhere Cloud, and he recounted: “One memorable installation involved a customer that required live ECG transmissions over analog terminals, connected to a Wildix cloud PBX with a failover hardware PBX. This setup ensures real-time readings by cardiologists, guaranteeing quick and correct patient care, and Wildix’s reliability is crucial in such operations.”
Discussing the primary operational advantage of Wildix, Lee highlighted the significant benefit of being able to install Wildix remotely, without requiring an on-site visit. This capability was particularly crucial during the COVID‑19 pandemic and remains invaluable for multi-site installations, as it minimises the need for engineering teams to travel. “For our team of 12, the possibility to run installations remotely greatly reduces installation costs, which is especially beneficial for a young business like ours.”
We asked Lee to share his perspective on his new venture as a business owner, having previously worked for another MSP. Lee explained: “When my previous company was sold, the new owners decided to focus only on their existing portfolio, rather than adding Wildix to it, which, in my opinion, wasn’t as good as Wildix. So, I decided to start my own business, that’s the main reason I founded Anywhere Cloud; there was a market gap for customers who wanted to retain Wildix, and I felt it was the right time for me to step in.”
At the end of the interview, Lee summarised the reasons to partner with Wildix, and mentioned the complete ecosystem as one of the main drivers and stand out characteristics, “If you’re looking for a reliable, intuitive solution that constantly evolves, the Wildix ecosystem is worth investigating and signing up for.”