Wildix Hosts the 2024 UC&C Summit and Unveils x‑hoppers, the Future of Retail Communication

Press release
Tallinn, Estonia — January 18, 2024 — Wildix, a pioneering provider of unified communications as a service (UCaaS), today marked a significant milestone with the success of its virtual UC&C Summit. This flagship event, which attracted UC&C specialists worldwide, served as a hub for sharing insights, network-building and showcasing innovations that are transforming the unified communications landscape.
The 2024 UC&C Summit wasn’t just about discussions; it acted as a springboard for future digital communication strategies. We are thrilled to have introduced the world to x‑hoppers, a communications solution that will revolutionize the retail sector, providing instant onboarding and precise customer assistance through AI.
Steve Osler
Steve Osler
CEO and co-founder, Wildix
The summit cemented Wildix’s commitment to its 100% channel focus, with each innovation and strategy aiming to empower partners for unprecedented growth. Attendees were treated to a rich agenda of expert presentations, diving deep into the trends shaping UC&C and its verticals. Keynote speeches, customer testimonials and interactive sessions provided a 360‑degree view of the evolving market.
This year’s summit showcased the revolutionary x‑hoppers, a game-changer designed for the retail sector. More than a communication tool, it bridges enhanced interaction between staff, customers and systems. Merging wireless headsets, smart call points, and AI‑powered features, x‑hoppers represents a paradigm shift in retail communication. It boosts team collaboration, customer service, and in‑store conversions, adeptly meeting the evolving needs of the retail industry.
x‑hoppers, with AI innovations like the AI Coach, is redefining the retail sector. It significantly reduces training time, arms staff with advanced service tools and its AI theft detection is revolutionizing retail loss prevention.
Emiliano Tomasoni - SMO at Wildix
Emiliano Tomasoni
CMO, Wildix and x‑hoppers
This year's summit has been a pivotal moment for Wildix. Unveiling x‑hoppers marks a significant step in our innovation journey, showing our commitment to developing user-centric solutions that redefine retail communication.
dimitri-osler - photo
Dimitri Osler
CTO and co‑founder, Wildix
Alongside x‑hoppers, Wildix also unveiled its latest phone range, each model designed for specific professional needs. The WelcomeConsole excels in high-volume call handling with its expansive screens, the Start model serves common areas with essential features, the WorkForce is optimized for standard office use and the stylish ForcePro, with its adjustable display and Wi‑Fi, is ideal for customer-facing roles. These innovations underline Wildix’s commitment to diverse communication needs across various professional environments.
The event also highlighted x‑bees, an AI‑driven sales communication tool seamlessly integrated with major CRM platforms and calendar applications, exemplifying Wildix’s prowess in providing essential APIs for modern interconnected business communication.
The 2024 UC&C Summit was more than a showcase of technological innovations; it was a testament to Wildix’s commitment to driving industry growth. By creating a collaborative space for professionals to engage with technologies like x‑hoppers and x‑bees, Wildix continues to lead in redefining business communication and collaboration.