Wildix – The Board of the blue PBX

Steve Osler – CEO, co-founder

Steve Osler – CEO, co-founder

Graduated in computer science, at the beginning of his professional activity he was dealing with software development and analysis of human-machine interaction. In 1998 he founded his first business, Intellicode, which has grown over the years and is currently operating in the market. In 2000 he developed a new communication system, and then he has become project manager at Wildix, founded in 2005. He is currently Wildix CEO.

A typical day in Steve’s life

6.30 AM – 45’ Running
8.00 AM – Checking e-mails
9.00 AM – Web Conference meeting
1.00 PM – Studying foreign languages
2.30 PM – Other Web Conferences and calls
6.30 PM – Studying Marketing strategies

A typical Sreve’s day

Dimitri Osler – CTO, co-founder

Dimitri Osler – CTO, co-founder

Dimitri Osler is Wildix co-founder and is in charge of the technical laboratories in Odessa, Ukraine, where a team of 30 developers is constantly studying and designing Wildix’s proprietary systems. Always passionate in technology, he has a degree in Computer Science and has had numerous experiences in research and experimentation in the IT field, in particular dealing with software design.

A typical day in Dimitri’s life

6.00 AM – Meditation
6.30 AM – Running
8.30 AM – Checking e-mails, lots of calls
10.00 AM – Meeting with the R&D team
2.00 PM – Working on how to further develop Wildix
6.30 PM – Studying Russian

A typical Dimitri’s day

Emiliano Tomasoni – CMO

Emiliano Tomasoni – CMO

Emiliano Tomasoni, in Wildix since 2011, currently holds the position of manager of marketing activities. From 2015 he is in charge of the channel marketing program, which aims at assisting Wildix Partners in the communication and marketing activities in their areas.

A typical day in Emiliano’s life

7.00 AM – Scheduling the day
9.00 AM – Web conferencing
3.00 PM – Marketing team meeting
4.00 PM – Discussing marketing strategies with Steve
8.00 PM – Briefing with the US team

A typical Emiliano’s day

Chris Bellumat – Head of Channel Sales Strategy

Cristiano Bellumat – Head of Channel Sales Strategy

Chris Bellumat, in Wildix since 2007, currently holds the position of Head of Channel Sales Strategy. Among its tasks, there is the development of strategies and business opportunities with partners, to increase the market share of Wildix.

A typical day in Chris’s life

6.30 AM – Jogging
8.30 AM – Web conferencing
12.00 AM – Sales team Meeting
3.00 PM – Meetings with partners
5.00 PM – Discussing sales strategies with Steve

A typical Cris’s day
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