Wildix H1 Business Update: Strategic Growth and AI Integration Drive Success Amid Market Challenges

The May 2024 Comms Dealer H1 business update insights session, featuring industry experts, revealed several industry trends including how evolving partner and customer demands are driving ICT providers to adopt multi-strategy approaches. These shared experiences and strategic initiatives by industry experts provide a sense of optimism for the latter half of the year.
Rob Loakes, Country Manager at Wildix for UK & IR highlighted that Wildix is not only meeting but exceeding its performance forecasts for these markets. The company’s dynamic roadshows have been highly effective, attracting a significant number of new partners.
Loakes also addressed a growing challenge for all vendors: “Speaking about the challenges we face, it’s the number of acquisitions in the market.” He commented that while Wildix could onboard a new partner today, there is a possibility that the partner might be acquired within three months. This surge in mergers and acquisitions presents a challenge for in maintaining relationships with partners throughout the acquisition process.
In response, Wildix is adopting a more strategic collaboration approach with its partners, significantly expanding its reach into enterprise opportunities. Traditionally focused on the SMB market, this new strategy is unlocking unprecedented doors in the enterprise sector.
We also have two innovative products entering the market: x‑bees, a sales and networking platform that is rapidly gaining partner traction, and x‑hoppers, a comprehensive retail solution that eliminates the need for headsets.
Rob Loakes, Country Manager, Wildix UK
Rob Loakes
Country Manager at Wildix for UK & IR
He believes these products are poised to drive Wildix’s success in the second half of the year.