Wildix Concludes the 2022 UC&C Summit with New Solutions and Future Opportunities

Press release

Tallinn, Jan 24, 2022 — Wildix, the developer of the first sales-oriented UC&C solution, today concluded the 4th edition of the UC&C Summit, an annual event gathering Managed Service Providers to announce market developments and the company’s own innovations. In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held online for the second year in a row, achieving a record attendance of over 1,100 participants from all over the world.

Headlining this online broadcast were major figures from within the Wildix company, as well as numerous special guest speakers from Cavell Group, ValueSelling, LinkedIn, Salesforce and Gong.io.

Introduced by a quote from the Futurist Manifesto, the Summit presented bold declarations of Wildix’s unconventional approaches to UC&C technology and market strategies. But speakers also pointed out that these approaches have now been accepted in the market: in particular, it was noted that Wildix’s commitment to selling its solution only through certified partners had been validated by the company’s recent placement on the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ as a Niche Player.

This is huge, and it proves that we are running on the right path,” said Steve Osler, co-founder and CEO of Wildix, regarding this placement. “The Magic Quadrant is used by all the best potential customers to select their next service provider. This placement means you now have a monetizable brand, officially positioned among the global top leaders for UCaaS.
Steve Osler
Steve Osler
Founder and CEO of Wildix

Speakers emphasized that the value of the Wildix brand has increased tremendously, giving Wildix-partnered MSPs all the more reason to utilize the company’s brand and market positioning when selling the solution. Such a sales approach is all the more important due to the increased threat of “Vampire Vendors” — Wildix’s term for UC&C brands that cooperate with local MSPs only to take control of existing customer bases themselves — competing in the market.

“Vampire Vendors are still out there, stealing your customers, monetizing them for themselves thanks to your lifelong work,” warned Alberto Benigno, CSO of Wildix. “Luckily, you can take control of your own destiny more than ever thanks to being mentioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. This placement will elevate your position from Partners of an emerging vendor, like many others, to Partners of the Number One European vendor recognized by Gartner.”
Alberto Benigno
CSO of Wildix

The Summit also featured announcements for innovative new solutions from Wildix, such as the communication systems WMS5 and the upcoming WMS6. Likewise featured was Wildix’s most significant solution yet: x-bees, the all-in-one, fully browser-based communications solution dedicated to increasing companies’ sales.

x-bees will let customers jump ahead of their competitors removing all the obstacles in doing their job: making money,” explained Dimitri Osler, co-founder and CTO of Wildix. “Just saving customers’ time in non-profitable operations was not enough. We were the first to take one huge step beyond that. In addition to all the UC&C benefits, we upgraded this weapon with the power of the latest technologies in business intelligence for sales.”
Dimitri Osler
Dimitri Osler
co-founder and CTO of Wildix

These latest technologies include enhanced capabilities for communication with customers, such as tracking potential buyers and AI-powered analysis of conversations with customers. To power these two points in particular, x-bees has joined with SalesForce and Gong.io, respectively, and representatives from both companies spoke at the Summit to emphasize the value their technologies bring to the new Wildix x-bees solution.

Also announced at the summit was x-hoppers, the new Wildix solution designed specifically for in-store retail shopping.

“Retail stores can be someone’s paradise, or someone’s hell. Often, the difference lies in the assistance you receive or don’t receive,” elaborated Emiliano Tomasoni, CMO at Wildix. “Unlike other retail communication systems, the promise of x-hoppers is not about reducing the number of steps in the store; it’s about doubling in-store conversions by reinforcing customer care.The promise of x-hoppers comes down to two words: increasing sales.”
Dimitri Osler
Emiliano Tomasoni
Chief Marketing Officer at Wildix

Consisting of wireless headsets and a linked Cloud-based communication system, x-hoppers puts store clerks on a single voice channel for instant support or alerts to colleagues, or even use as an in-store call center. Notably, the x-hoppers system also features support for QR code call stations, which allow retail customers to inquire for in-person assistance simply by scanning a product with their smartphone.

In addition to announcing new products, the Summit also emphasized the specialized approach MSPs should take in marketing and selling the Wildix solution.

Our marketing campaigns are not talking to everybody,” said Emiliano Tomasoni. “Marketing can do a lot for your business once you own your positioning and narrow the focus. And do you know one of the most effective ways to narrow the focus? Vertical solutions, also known as offering a specific product to a specific customer.”

Before the Summit’s end, the highest-earning Wildix MSPs were celebrated in a special segment recognizing the top ten performers of both Q4 2021 and the previous year as a whole. Cash awards accompanied these announcements, emphasizing Wildix’s commitment to the growth and success of the channel.

Now, it’s on you to decide whether you are ready to use all this and increase your profits. I hope you have the courage to own your destiny and lock in your success,” Steve Osler concluded.

With this effective “call to arms,” Wildix encouraged all MSPs to join the Wildix ecosystem at: www.wildixpartner.com.