Wildix Code of Conduct

Wildix loves thinking big. We do this all the time for our company, for our people, in and out the organization.

Thinking big, we aspire to be a great company.

Our true commitment is about value: enhancing value of our Employees, Partners, of Customers and of every Person who is involved in our process.

Employees, Partners, Customers, Persons: they combined represent what we called the Blue Ecosystem. This is our environment, the village we live in.

We aim at thriving the Blue Ecosystem every day, creating value to improve life of people, changing for better their way of living, of working, of looking to the future.

This is Wildix mission.


We are conscious that this goal cannot be achieved by just involving our R&D dep.

It’s not about technology. It’s all about ethics.

According to our mission we manage our business internally, work externally with customers, partners, and suppliers.

Our mission reflects our identity as a company. Wildix aims at thriving the value for people, but to do that we are aware that hard word needs something more.

It takes strong values to create value.

WILDIX Values & Expectations

Wildix partners and their employees, agents and resellers (collectively referred to as “Partners”), in collaboration with Wildix, serve our customers.

It is important for Wildix that Partners embrace and continually improve on the Wildix values. While conducting business with Wildix end customers, Wildix expects its Partners to commit to operating in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and to adhere to the principles outlined in this Code of Conduct.

Wildix’s values are our identity and the foundation of our success: they reflect our continued commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.

Our values include:

  • Integrity: It’s the core of our every interaction and decision. Integrity shows us the way and it’s our everyday self-commitment. Integrity and honesty add up to trust. Trust is our first value and it comes from a daily dedication.
  • Transparency: Transparency, accuracy and reliability keep a village together. Blue Ecosystem is based on these fundamentals.
  • Lifelong learning to fly higher: Great ambitions means big challenges. We need them to thinking big. It means never stop learning. No one knows enough to stop learning!
  • Open-mindedness + Respectful: All women and men are created equal, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Blue Ecosystem opens its arms in the name of respect, fairness and loyalty.
  • Passion above all : All we do is because we love our work. We strongly believe in the potential of the communications among human beings. We believe that good communications have the power to change the way people working and living: a change for the better.

This Partner Code of Conduct is not intended to replace, supersede or conflict with any applicable law, regulation or contractual obligation with Wildix.

Partners may report any issue related to this Code of Conduct, including any request by a Wildix representative for Partners to act in a manner that conflicts with this Code of Conduct, by using any of the resources listed at the end of the document.

Business Practices, Ethics and Compliance

While conducting business with Wildix customers, Wildix Partners will conduct their business practices and activities in accordance with applicable law, with integrity, respect and in an ethical manner.

  • Anti-Corruption: Wildix Partners will comply with all applicable anti-corruption and antimoney laundering laws. All forms of bribery, kickbacks and other corruption are prohibited. No Wildix Partner will improperly influence any act or decision of any governmental official, employee or political candidate, including, without limitation, through the provision of any improper or unlawful gifts, meals, travel or entertainment.
  • Fair Competition and Antitrust laws: Wildix Partners will conduct their business in full compliance with all applicable fair competition and antitrust laws.
  • Public Sector Procurements: When selling to public sector entities, Wildix Partners will support fair and open competition by complying with all laws and regulations related to government procurement, tenders, and bids. Wildix Partners will not conspire with other partners, including but not limited to, bid rigging, placing orders prior to tender finalization, price fixing, or other forms of collusion.
  • Business Records and Accounting: The business records of Wildix Partners will conform with applicable legal, accounting and regulatory requirements.
  • Technology Fraud: Wildix Partners are prohibited from engaging in false or deceptive business practices, including any activities which may mislead customers or consumers. These prohibited practices include engaging in technology fraud and activities which may mislead seniors, children or other vulnerable consumers to purchase or subscribe for unneeded technical support or services. In order to better protect these vulnerable consumers, Wildix Partners should also not engage in the “cold-calling” of such consumers for the purpose of engaging in any of those prohibited practices.
  • Conflicts of Interest: Where a Wildix Partner is advising a customer, especially a governmental customer, on the selection of products and/or services and has a fiduciary or contractual obligation to that customer, the Wildix Partner will avoid engaging in business activities that constitutes or could create the appearance of a conflict of interest.
  • Disclosure of Fees to Governmental and State Owned Entities: If required by law or under a contract, Wildix Partners will disclose to the applicable governmental entity customer or state-owned entity customer, the potential fees, commissions or other compensation that Partner will receive from Wildix in connection with the products or services being procured.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Wildix Partners’ advertising and marketing activities will be conducted truthfully, accurately and in accordance with applicable law, rules and regulations. Wildix Partners must ensure that all communications to its customers be truthful, accurate, and not misleading.

Human Rights and Fair Labor Practices

Wildix Partners will provide a safe and healthy work environment, fully compliant with all employment, health and safety laws.

  • No Forced Labor; No Child Labor: Wildix Partners will abide by local minimum wage and maximum working hour requirements, are not to use forced labor or to use labor contacts that impose unreasonable limitations on a worker’s ability to leave Partner’s employment. The use of child labor is prohibited.
  • Non-Discrimination: Wildix Partners will not illegally discriminate in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination and/or retirement decisions based on race, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender identity or express, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, political affiliation, union membership or veteran status.

Environmental Regulations and Protections

Wildix expects its Partners to share Wildix’s commitment to the environment.

  • Registrations; Permits: Wildix Partners will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, keep current all required environmental registrations and permits relevant to its businesses and implement appropriate conservation measures.

Intellectual Property and Protection of Information

Wildix’s Partners will respect intellectual property rights, protect confidential information and comply with privacy rules and regulations.

  • Legitimately Acquired Software: Wildix Partners will only use information technology and software that has been legitimately acquired and licensed.
  • Comply with Ownership Rights: Wildix Partners will respect the intellectual property ownership rights of all third parties. Wildix Partners will only use lawful methods of gathering competitive intelligence about products or manufacturers that compete with Wildix technologies.
  • Audio Copyright Declaration


Wildix’s Partners are expected to develop a culture of compliance with view for continuous improvement.

  • Risk Management: Wildix Partners will have applicable business controls to detect and prevent unlawful conduct by their employees and counterparties. These business controls should be adequately resourced and be periodically reviewed and updated to take into account the current risk environment.
  • Training: Wildix Partners will ensure that they have an adequate training program that achieves the appropriate levels of knowledge and skills to maintain compliance with applicable laws, regulations and standards.
  • Assistance: Wildix Partners will provide reasonable assistance to Wildix in connection with any investigation of a violation of this Partner Code of Conduct or applicable law. Wildix Partners will permit Wildix reasonable access to all records and other applicable documentation concerning Partners’ compliance with this Partner Code of Conduct and applicable law.

Raising Concerns and Reporting Questionable Behavior

Partners are encouraged to work with their primary Wildix contact in resolving a business practice or compliance concerns. However, Wildix recognizes that there may be times when this is not possible or appropriate. In such instances, Wildix Partners should report any concerns about violation of this policy or applicable laws to their legal department and/or their ethics and compliance officer.

Wildix Partners should also report to Wildix through contacting our headquarters:

For the Americas

Wildix Inc.
800 N High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Tel. 614-484-1500

For Europe and any other country

Wildix OÜ
Laeva tn. 2,
10111, Tallinn, Estonia
Tel. +372 (61) 89586