SolaaS Limited’s Journey in Revolutionizing Business Communications with Wildix

Brining tangible benefits to Tenby stores with x‑hoppers solution

In the ever-shifting world of Telecommunications and Information Technology, finding that perfect partner can be a game changer. SolaaS Limited, a leading provider of Telecoms and IT solutions in the retail, healthcare and education sectors, has found its match in Wildix in March 2023.
The journey started when Rene Wheeler, Managing Director at SolaaS Limited, was seeking a partner capable of delivering powerful solutions aligned with their customers’ requirements.
“Wildix was the perfect fit,” explains Rene.
SolaaS Limited is all about getting to the heart of businesses’ challenges and finding real solutions. Wheeler shared a great example with Tenby Stores, where our solution didn’t just stop theft — it also brought colleagues closer through enhanced internal communication.
“Tenby Stores had a number of issues, one of which was theft, and another was communication within the store,” Wheeler reveals.
One of the key advantages of partnering with SolaaS Limited is their commitment to simplicity and efficiency. Rene emphasizes how the integration of x‑hoppers into Tenby Stores’ existing environment was straightforward and hassle-free.
“For us to integrate x‑hoppers into the store was straightforward, simple. We were able to integrate into an existing environment without any real complications,” Wheeler states.
The innovative business model offers x‑hoppers as hardware as a service, removing the necessity for upfront costs and ensuring a transparent return on investment for their clients.
“We understand the importance of ROI for our customers,” says Wheeler. “Our model ensures that they not only get a solution tailored to their needs but also see tangible benefits in their business.”
With a deep understanding of the retail sector, SolaaS Limited is well-equipped to identify and address the pain points of their clients, whether it’s minimizing shrinkage or optimizing services.
Looking ahead, Rene Wheeler is optimistic about the growth potential of their partnership with Wildix. The innovative solutions provided by x‑hoppers have expanded SolaaS Limited’s market reach, promising further growth for both companies.
“x‑hoppers has actually grown the market that SolaaS can work in, which inevitably is going to grow our business,” he affirms.
The collaboration between SolaaS Limited and Wildix represents an alliance of expertise and innovation, delivering tailored solutions that drive tangible growth and results for businesses. With their customer-centric approach and successful track record, SolaaS Limited, together with Wildix, stands poised to revolutionize the Telecoms and IT landscape for years to come.