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-30% operating costs from physical spaces

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-20% absent rate

+15% productivity per worker

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Letting your employees work remotely is a responsible choice—and more importantly, a tremendous asset for your business.

Wildix develops the only 100% secure-by-design unified communication solution in the Cloud that works without additional applications, increasing productivity while also saving time and money in your daily operations.
All of that, right from the comfort of your home.

  • According to the Smart Working Observatory of Milan, employees who practice smart working increase their productivity by 15-20%.
  • A 2019 study by showed that 57% of employees who use smart working are more satisfied with their job than those who work only in the office.
  • 78% of managers consider telecommuting to be the most effective non-economic incentive to retain talent in their company, according to

It’s the best way to balance family life and work, allowing flexibility in case of parental leave.

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All the features of Wildix Collaboration, plus videoconferencing! Meet colleagues and clients from home with all the presence of being in the office. This offer is valid for an unlimited number of users.


Wildix CLASSOUND lets you make internal and external calls directly from your current devices. The remote configuration process takes no time at all so you can start smart working right away. Our offer of 6 months at 50% off is valid for an unlimited number of users.


Migliora il tuo home office con questi device Wildix da connettere direttamente al Wifi di casa senza cavi del telefono né switch.

In 2020, We’ve Just Discovered Smart Working

We only realize the value of the things we take for granted once we lose them. Out of all these, perhaps it’s health that claims the top spot.

That’s why it’s now, in these times of emergency from the coronavirus, that we’ve rediscovered the importance of paying attention to our body and others.

“Am I fine? Am I sick?” we now wonder. “If I’m not feeling well, maybe I’d better not go to work today to protect my colleagues.”

Not being able to go into the office has opened our eyes to the need for modes of working that aren’t attached to physical places — in two words, smart working.

An office can’t stop being productive if people can’t access their desks for some reason. It is now anachronistic to tie business to the concrete structure of the workplace.

Paradoxically, our current emergency is instructive for the business world, from large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises; work has to continue, even if the roads to the office are closed due to adverse weather conditions or because of checkpoints trying to contain a virus.

Smart working is nothing new, but as of now, far too few companies utilize it regularly. Nonetheless, hundreds of studies have shown that individual employees’ productivity increases by up to 20% when they have the opportunity to work from home. That’s to say nothing of the significant drop in sick leave, the much easier management of parental and maternity leave and smart working as an effective non-economic incentive to catch and retain talent.

Smart-working technology offers all the tools to share chats, phone calls, documents and video conferences in a 100% secure way thanks to intuitive solutions and interfaces that can overcome digital illiteracy.

So, why hasn’t smart working become the norm for companies?

Find out now what the Wildix solution can do for you!

Discover Wildix’s incredible offer

Fill out the form below to learn more about our
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