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Anthony Quinn and Ian Rowan
“Silver Cloud Ltd are a hugely successful business, they have a wealth of knowledge of the communications industry and therefore are a perfect fit for our solution. I am proud to highlight they are our first Partner in Scotland, really happy to have them onboard.” — Rob Loakes, UK Channel Manager, Wildix.
Having extended the Partners’ base to Scotland, we had the pleasure to talk to Anthony Quinn, CEO & Founder of Silver Cloud Telecom about the reasons for  entering into a partnership with Wildix, the benefits the solution brings to businesses of all sizes and discussed the ambitious plans for growth that adding Wildix to their portfolio will enable.
“I had been looking for an alternative hosted platform in the UK, I had been considering various brands, when one of my business contacts pointed me in the direction of Wildix claiming the brand was massively known in Italy and had recently expanded to the UK telecoms market with a very powerful offering. Luckily, almost at the same time, I was contacted by the Wildix UK Sales team who presented the solution to me, I instantly thought it was fantastic! Having a technical background, myself, I can say that the ability to communicate internally and externally just using a web browser is really impressive and powerful, I had never seen another vendor do this and with such ease.”
Among the other reasons Silver Cloud partnered with Wildix, Mr. Quinn highlighted:
“Our main purpose as a company is to facilitate our customers with the easiest, most efficient and up to date communication systems that will add more value to both their businesses and customers, and from that perspective Wildix is a perfect solution: powerful intuitive, innovative technology, easy to use, with reasonable pricing.”
“Like most of us nowadays I am a busy person I like the fact that with Wildix I do not have to listen to all voicemails I get, Wildix technology transcribes all voicemails into texts, so I can keep up with things very quickly, saving a lot of time. Everything is so simplistic: I think we should all really embrace this new Wildix technology as it’s such a powerful platform that can help in our hectic day to day lives.”
We asked Mr. Quinn to foresee what changes might occur having entered into the new partnership, and he stated:
“WebRTC is a game changer, I honestly believe that from a sales perspective we will witness a positive shift within our business as we go to the market offering one product that can encapsulate everything: Videoconferencing,  Collaboration, Location services, Contact Center, Call Recording, Speech to Text, all the features that are essential for any business. Another shift we expect is higher margins, for our business and for the sales people, recurrent revenue is key and helps build foundations for the future.”
Comparing Wildix to other brands that are established in the UK, Anthony Quinn commented:
“Wildix is a WebRTC single platform solution, no additional servers or extra software is required for any of the functionality, yet the majority of more established Vendors (around 80%) that make a big push in the UK now, collaborate with other manufacturers for video or collaboration as their solutions lack many of the functions we are seeing more business requiring, this means support is disjointed and the deployment is complex.”
“Wildix have a very proactive approach to Research and Development, they listen to their resellers and end users and are bringing new beta software out on a weekly basis, in addition Wildix manufacture their own range of hardware from WebRTC handsets to IP DECT systems and Video conferencing systems to name just a few. Wildix poses a holistic portfolio whether it is hardware or software, all Wildix branded, with a five year guarantee. We are very excited at Silver Cloud to bring the Wildix portfolio to the Scottish marketplace.”