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Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a software package for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) which is used by companies to offer assistance to clients, develop nurturing activities and monitor sales. The software application is available in the cloud (online) or locally (on-premises).


Alya IT Solutions Designers is an IT company specialized in the development and integration of digital technologies.


Thanks to the integration it’s possible to manage incoming and outgoing calls and receive a pop up screen with caller identification.

  • Caller recognition: search in the CRM information
  • Pop-up screen: it’s possible to configure the CRM record and the telephone activity in order to receive an automatic pop-up of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Click-2-Dial: Click-2-Dial option is available next to any field of the CRM number, via the search or the CommandBar.
  • Activity auto-creation: automatically create and save call activities.
  • CRM record auto-creation: create new data on the incoming calls as opportunities, cases, accounts, contacts or leads.
  • History: analyze and improve call activities
  • Search for related records: the system can be configured to automatically find related records
  • Integration with Wildix TAPI driver

Information about the developer

Alya is specialized in the integration and development of digital technologies. Since 1994 we have supported our customers in the strategic planning, design, development, implementation and support phases, providing concrete and synergistic responses to business problems through proven and scalable solutions.

Our team is made up of around thirty specialists certified both in development and infrastructure.

Video: how integration works between Wildix and Microsoft Dynamics


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