NT Voice & Data Solutions Partner Story

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NT Voice & Data Solutions consists of award-winning communications professionals who have been providing businesses across the UK with their smart business telephone systems, communications solutions, expert advice and first-class support since 1986. They’re celebrating two important anniversaries in 2021: first, their 35th year in business, and second, their first successful year of partnership with Wildix.

The Wildix-NT Voice & Data Solutions partnership anniversary is an important milestone for both organisations, and to mark this special occasion, we sat down with Mark Beardsley, their sales director, and reviewed the year.

We asked Mark to highlight the most interesting project the company has fulfilled with the help of Wildix and to comment on the overall outcomes of the first year of partnership.

“I was introduced to Wildix at the 2018 Comms Vision Event by Comms Dealer in Gleneagles, Scotland,” stated Mark. “Following that, I investigated Wildix products and received a glowing referral from another Wildix partner — Taurus Clearer Communication.”

“Competition for cloud products is incredibly high in the UK, so we did our own due diligence on what we thought was going to really be successful for us as a business. We are a very engineering-led business — we like our engineers to be able to understand the product in depth, have good in-house technical support and then be quite self-sufficient without having to ask for our vendor’s input all the time.”

“Simplicity and the flexible system architecture of the Wildix Blue Ecosystem were among the key factors for giving preference to Wildix over other cloud vendors. With Wildix, we can choose a SIP provider, and it’s a single instance per customer rather than a large public cloud with everybody on the same solution. Thanks to Wildix, we’re now able to create a bespoke solution for each client we deal with, providing excellent customer service as we always put our customers’ needs first.”

“It’s not only the architecture that guarantees us flexibility: the Wildix licensing model, HWaaS, and CLASSOUND all give us a huge amount of flexibility in the way we go to market and price the solution to our customer base.”

“We became a Partner on the 1st of January 2020, and like everyone else, our business has massively changed since then as we’ve all worked through the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the first things we did was move ourselves onto the Wildix platform overnight, without any hitches, and all our workforce was able to seamlessly move to working from home. This step has guaranteed business continuity during those challenging months.”

“When the pandemic started, Wildix introduced a great promotion, offering the solution for 6 months for free as a COVID-19 support to businesses. It was a very good promotion as it enabled us to provide help for a number of customers we’d already targeted and had in mind — it was an easy introduction to Wildix. When the promotion was over, we were able to convert a fair number of those opportunities into customers after they’d seen the value the system offered them.”

Mark has also shared with us reasons for NT Voice & Data Solutions’ increased cloud solutions adoption.

“The number of cloud seats has definitely risen in 2020: firstly, because the cloud is just becoming the norm and the more popular route to go, and second, the need for smart working has significantly driven this growth. With the help of Wildix, we have nearly doubled the number of cloud seats we sold in 2020 compared to 2019. We are expecting a fairly substantial margin increase too as we’re definitely comfortable with the Wildix commercial model — it’s right for us but more importantly, it’s right for our customers.”

Discussing the most interesting projects NT Voice & Data Solutions fulfilled with the help of Wildix, Mark says: “We have tailored a bespoke solution for a group of GP Health Centres: there are four sites with about 90 users, and needed to allow GPs to consult with patients from home or out of the practice during the first lockdown but still record calls and be able to work from any device. The NT Voice & Data Solutions team got that set up for them within a matter of days. There is intelligent call routing in place to guide the patients to the right place, they can hot desk between the four locations, and of course, they can work from anywhere, so they are fully migrated to the solution and now able to provide care to their patients thanks Wildix and NT Voice & Data Solutions.”

Commenting on the benefits of Wildix partnership Mark highlighted the overall support NT Voice & Data Solutions receives: sales and marketing advice, marketing collateral, training, availability of e-learning courses, video tutorials and the ability to engage with the Wildix leadership team directly when required.