Tailored Solutions and Getting Great Deals: NT Voice and Data Solutions Wins With Wildix

NT Voice and Data Solutions
Wildix EMEA Partner Day

Flexibility and responsive support help retain customers

Our Wildix EMEA Partner Day was a fantastic opportunity to meet partners from around the EMEA region, and one of those was Mark Beardsley, the sales director of NT Voice and Data Solutions, an award-winning telecommunications provider that’s been trading since 1986. Not only is NT Voice & Data Solutions a top-performing partner of Wildix in the UK, but also regularly appears on Wildix’s global podium of best quarterly and yearly achievers.
NT Voice and Data Solutions has been a Wildix partner since 2020, and Mark has seen a lot of changes over the years. Wildix has grown substantially in the UK since then, with even more technical support and it has released new systems such as x‑hoppers and x‑bees. However, it is the attention to the smaller requests that really set the company apart.
“Wildix has kept up with the competition, but most importantly, the company listens and responds to feature requests that we’ve asked for,” says Mark. “It’s kept several of our customers happy who really needed those improvements made. Things like scheduled reporting on CDR-View and x‑caracal for the contact centre market are very useful. These enhancements are great extra features that are relatively low-cost and have helped us to win business.”
Wildix EMEA Partner Day
Key to winning these deals is the fact that Wildix offers an upgrade from many existing solutions but has the flexibility to focus its development on features that customers need. As a result, they were able to retain customers who were used to scheduled reporting on a previous solution. “Ultimately,” states Mark, “that’s what we want to do — have happy customers.”
Wildix makes customer retention easier with its continuous upgrades and path to success. The stability of the solution and the added value that it offers that keep customers coming back. Mark explains: “We’ve been a partner for 3 ½ years, and we’ve been engaging with customers who have now come to the end of their initial three-year term. We’ve only lost one customer and that was purely a price driven decision.”
NT Voice and Data Solutions’ engineering team put in highly tailored solutions for its customers, and this ensures customers get what they need. Wildix’s sheer number of integrations and open APIs are a critical part of this, delivering the flexibility the company and its techs need. “When we chose to partner with Wildix, the open APIs were crucial,” states Mark. “My engineers find that the documentation for Wildix is very good along with the support, whereas with other companies, they can be very rigid, and it’s difficult to get support.”