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When Wildix started recruiting partners in the UK at the end of 2017, the UK management team were aware of Netmetix’ reputation for their outstanding customer service, technical excellence, and expertise, therefore Netmetix were one of the very first companies that Wildix approached when setting up the UK business.
In the interview with Paul Blore, Managing Director at Netmetix we found out what convinced them to partner with Wildix:
“We are always looking for innovative technologies that push the boundaries and deliver new technological solutions for our customers. Wildix and the WebRTC technology fit within our vision perfectly: extremely simple to deploy, highly functional, and — a recurring business model that didn’t require us or our clients to enter into a long or minimum term agreement. Wildix is the perfect match for Netmetix as 87% of our business each month is recurring.”
When discussing the difference between Wildix and other vendors that Netmetix have partnered with, Paul Blore stated:
“We constantly review our products and services to ensure that we are always providing the best in class for our clients and Wildix is the third  VoIP vendor we have partnered with.”
“Wildix is the first of a new breed of VoIP services and provides  a complete Unified Communications Solution and not just a telephone system. It touches all aspects of digital communication within an organisation.”
The fact that Wildix offers a complete Unified Communications Solution in one single platform is one of the key reasons for Netmetix choosing the solution. With Wildix, Netmetix can provide their customers with the functionality they need, and thus build closer relationships with their clients.
Wildix’s collaboration with numerous technological partners is among other advantages that attract Netmetix: “We have recently upgraded our own Wildix system to the latest WMS 4.0 version. As Zoho CRM customers we are very happy about Wildix’s latest collaboration with them, and are already taking advantage of the integration between the two and all of the capabilities that the new WMS 4.0 version offers.”
“There is no one single reason why we like Wildix. It’s more  because it provides the complete solution we are looking for to give our customers: the conferencing, geolocation, presence information, desktop sharing and file transfer, virtual Post-It reminders, attendant console, shared phonebooks and security all provide an unequalled feature set.”
*Netmetix are Cloud Network Specialists based in Coventry, UK. Since the company’s launch in 2001, they have evolved from an on-premise IT systems specialist into an innovative managed services provider at the cutting edge of the cloud revolution. The company prides itself on combining knowledge, trust and quality to deliver an outstanding service to their clients.  Netmetix are among the top 3 Wildix Partners within the UK Channel in 2018!