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Flex Telecom - Wildix Partner
Matthew Cranney at UCC Summit - 2020
Wildix and Flex-Telecom started their “joint adventure to success” back in June 2018 when Wildix organised their first roadshow event since establishing their presence in the UK late in 2017. Matthew Cranney, Director of Flex-Telecom was invited to Wildix’s event in Newcastle upon Tyne where Wildix introduced their disruptive technology and engaged with decision makers of some well-established organisations, Systems Integrators and Managed System Providers in the region.
Matthew Cranney, Director of Flex-Telecom commented: “We are an engineering company at heart and we build solutions to suit our customers’ needs. It’s very competitive in our industry and we have tried several Hosted platforms over the last few years. The problem we found was it just became about price, everyone was selling the same product, a desk phone, an APP and bundled minutes. The devices were made by 3rd parties and we often had issues with compatibility of the Hosted platform they had supposedly partnered with. We primarily sold Avaya on premise and our client base wants that reliability. Wildix for us was a breath of fresh air offering the best of both worlds. Their own proprietary hardware that just works like the old hardware phone systems but with the latest system features. The fact we could offer a Cloud based or on Premise system with no difference in user experience was also a major bonus for our existing base.”
We asked Mr Cranney to comment on the experience Flex-Telecom have been having and he said.
“We were seeing a reduction in maintenance contracts on older hardware and in a position where we did not want to move our customers to platforms we felt were substandard.”
Wildix changed all that for us, the Hybrid on Premise/Cloud offering with simple licensing structure stopped us hesitating. We felt confident from an engineering perspective we can make this system fit our customers needs, and we have. Our customers are happy, their staff enjoy using the system and we have reduced call outs. The OPEX model has enabled us to offer our clients 30 day rolling contracts putting our recurring profits up and giving our clients better financial control plus all the latest updates. No big OPEX outlays to worry about every few years. Customers have told us how much they like the intuitive interface and regardless of device, Desk phone, DECT Solution, Mobile APP or Web Collaboration the experience flows between them much better than other platforms.”
“During the first wave of lockdown, it was clear for us once again that Wildix was the right choice as it was extremely easy to accommodate our Customers’ needs remotely with all the safety/social distancing rules in place. Wildix’s Cloud solution was great as we could spin up a new system, add news users on existing customers systems on the fly. We even did all the training via the Wildix Video Conferencing Suite.”
Mr Cranney also shared his observations on the technology that is seeing the highest increase in use among Customers, and here is what he had to say.
“Videoconferencing is obviously at the top of “on demand products”, businesses want to “be closer” to their employees, customers and other individuals, therefore the use of videoconferencing has seen a massive rise. Many Customers were using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, but we have shown them the whole range of benefits of the Wildix system, and I am glad to underline that some of them have already dropped Microsoft Teams internally for doing the chat and their video calls, and externally — they’ve started to drop the Zoom product off because they’ve realized with Wildix they can do external calls and nobody needs to download the App. They can just use the browser, and especially with the latest update and Reactive Native, all the functionality and the user experience have significantly improved in favor of Wildix videoconferencing.”
We also had a chance to speak to Mr Cranney about some latest products that Wildix introduced recently, and he shared.
The fact that Wildix have developed their own SIP Trunk offering — CLASSOUND, has made our job easier as the majority of services we now provide to Customers come from one single Vendor. CLASSOUND compliments an already impressive range of products and services Wildix offers to Partner Channel, it has just made Wildix’s portfolio even more complete and competitive. One of our Customers, a “work & travel company” that operates globally is making use of CLASSOUND, they are utilising it for instant communication with numerous clients in Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, all over the United States. CLASSOUND enables them making those calls without having to put additional call routing, so that we’re not using multiple different trunks. If you ask what it gives to Flex-Telecom, I would respond — it just simplifies the system for call routing and fault diagnostics for us, and for that Customer — it just makes it a simple bill and an “all in one service.” The quality of CLASSOUND against other international SIP providers can not be compared, it’s just crystal clear but we also have the advantage that the international call package reduces the customers overall spend and makes those bills fixed. For any company that needs to speak to customers internationally, CLASSOUND is a must, it just pays for itself.”