Everything Voice Ltd partner story

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Everything Voice Ltd are a team of experienced business communication specialists that help charitable, digital and creative organisations build successful teams and strong customer relationships through advanced communications services. Always on the lookout for the most flexible tools to help their clients collaborate more effectively, Everything Voice Ltd signed up as a Wildix Partner back in May 2019.
We interviewed Business Development Director Neil Hutchison to find out more about why Everything Voice made the switch to Wildix, and how business has been going since becoming a partner.
“Our vendor (at the time) was a traditional PBX vendor. They had taken their eye off the ball and fallen behind with their product, as a result we were dissatisfied with that relationship and started looking for something better for our customers: new technology and partnership that would allow us to make a difference and stand out in the market, offering customers something more advanced, flexible and efficient but also creating value for us and our end users.”
“We saw how well the market was adopting Wildix’s technology, and we saw how it fit within the current environment. What really convinced us was that we knew that the market was changing — the way people wanted to work was changing, and there was going to be a very strong drive towards a completely flexible and agile workplace — one that was more purpose-built to serve the needs of varying working styles. We were really looking for a product that could give us all of that in a very simple to deploy package.”
Everything Voice chose Wildix over more traditional vendors like Unify, Avaya, Panasonic, and Samsung.
“When we looked at the range of handsets, Collaboration, Mobile App, CDR-View, and even now when we’re looking at the upcoming release of the brand new Call Center product, Wildix seems to suit the needs of a changing workplace more so than any other vendor.
Joining Wildix was great for us. It’s made it easier for us to deploy, so we’re spending a lot less time trying to configure the solution and dealing with faults and issues, but it’s also allowed us to provide more feature-rich and flexible experiences to our customers.
It’s not an over-distributed product, therefore we’re not in a market where we’re competing on price, unlike Gamma Horizon or some other more broadly-used generic Hosted platforms. The modularity of it, the fact that you can select from four and potentially now five different pricing options depending on what you want, the ability for us to package it up as a subscription with SIP Trunks, unlimited calls, support, advice, education and all the other things that we add to the mix makes it quite an easy product to sell.
“We’re seeing more opportunities, we’re seeing more business coming through, I would quantify the growth of about 10–15% since partnering with Wildix. The subscription model is really driving our long-term business sustainability.”
Discussing the unique challenges posed by the Covid‑19 pandemic and how this global situation has changed their business, Neil says:
“People are starting to use video conferencing more and more. They’re using video, chat, Collaboration, Mobile Apps. The realisation hit us that we needed to stand out. Our traditional model of how we try to attract business, picking up the phone and trying to speak to people is only going to work as part of a wider strategy. We wanted to be front of mind.”
“The situation with Covid‑19 has brought projects forward. It’s helped customers understand that the idea of working from home is actually not a technological limitation… it’s something we achieve very, very quickly.”
In fact, Everything Voice completed a significant project during the pandemic lockdown, installing the Wildix solution for a large national charity.
“The Customer was looking to go for cyber essentials accreditation and as part of that, they had to consider moving all their services to the Cloud. As a charity, they’d already significantly invested in Microsoft Teams. We had to help them realise that going down the Microsoft Teams route or the Skype for Business route, although it seemed like a good idea, wouldn’t be a great long-term solution and wouldn’t solve the problems they had. We had to not only move them to the Cloud but do it in a way that meant there was no disruption to service near the sites and across any of the users across the whole county. We ended up completing that project and training all users in lockdown. We had to do it in such a way as to make sure they were able to continue working without any disruption whatsoever. When the Customer started using Wildix, they genuinely saw the benefit achieved thanks to the services we provided together with our trusted Vendor.”