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Oliver Shevki and Ian Rowan
During the kite session with Oliver Shevki, the operations director at Convergence Communications Ltd, we talked about the first introduction to Wildix, the shift Wildix Technology brings in the industry, and the way partnership with Wildix influences Convergence customers.
Convergence Communications is based in East Anglia, UK, and is a multi-award-winning business telecoms specialist with over 60 years of combined experience in the industry.
The company has received numerous industry awards for its professional achievements, innovations and contribution to the UC market development within the UK.
Apart from its high-profile portfolio, Convergence Communications sponsors a number of local charities and community initiatives.
The Convergence partner story began with a customer who was changing their system. That has been transformed into a mutually beneficial partnership for the future.
“We came up against the Wildix system in competition with one of our existing customers. For a long time, this customer had purchased their phone systems from us. One of the competitors was proposing the Wildix solution. I had a look at the solution, and I knew instantly that I wanted to know more about Wildix.”
“I arranged a meeting with Ian (Ian Rowan, UK Channel Manager, Wildix), who showed us a demonstration and, at the end of that meeting, we said, ‘So, where do we sign?’ The solution is perfect as an enterprise product, and we’ll certainly be introducing it to our larger clients.”
“The Wildix platform is so flexible, it just changes the way people will communicate. Wildix is a real game changer.”
Oliver has noticed a big shift in negotiation with customers since entering Wildix Partnership: “I would say that since partnering with Wildix it has become easier to convince customers to start using cloud technology. Alongside that, Wildix flexibility allows us to design bespoke solutions specifically for our customers, and this is how we will win more business.”
“We have compared the Wildix solution to other products within our portfolio, but it is difficult, as the technology Wildix offers to the industry is so far advanced compared to a traditional telephone system, it’s just incredible!”
While discussing the best Wildix features, Oliver shared:
“As far as I can see, the WebRTC (real-time) and the collaboration capability is what is sparking the interest. It’s changing the conversations we’re having with prospects and clients as we’re not just talking about voice now; we’re talking about video, instant chat and true collaboration.
Just to give you one example, we are now talking to a potential customer, a big university in the UK, and what we can do for them using the Wildix system, is totally unbelievable! We look forward to that project coming to fruition along with many more!”