VESTIL – Turin


In Italy, fashion is not just a way to dress, but an actual lifestyle. For this reason, the Vestil shop in Turin, managed by the Orecchia family, has been involved with dressing the men of the city in the best high fashion brands on the Italian and international markets since 1957.

So that the communication management of the store also be up with the times, without having to change fashion with each season, Roberto Orecchia felt the need to substitute the old cordless phones, the only communication system within the store, with a more efficient communication system.

In December, 2012, Mr. Orecchia contacts the Wildix partner in TurinCon.Tel srl, a company with 12 specialized workers and a twenty-year experience in the communication systems industry. With the installation of a Wildix Multimedia System and the integrated WMS 3.0 software, VoIP desk phones and W-Air cordless handsets, the use of the Collaboration Mobile on Apple iPhones and fax recognition, the quality of the work inside Vestil and with its suppliers and clients changed significantly.

The management of a shared phone directory over all phones, landlines and cordless, has in fact made each collaborator in the store independent in handling calls with the warehouse and suppliers, but above all it has improved the direct relationship with the clients. This regardless of the fact that, as Mr. Orecchia himself tells us, the shop is inside a nineteenth century building, where the thick walls previously made it very difficult to use a cordless line. The fax recognition, additionally, has freed the staff of an extra duty, making them save time and therefore increasing work efficiency.

With Collaboration Mobile, available for iOS or Android mobile devices, it is possible to call or video call any number via mobility and VoIP, send text messages to all of the system users, send out reminders, communicate one’s own status and location, receive notifications for new messages and finally–and this is where Vestil completely takes advantage of the potential of the Wildix system–it automatically synchronizes one’s own phone directory even from external sources such as Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, external databases, MySql, MS SQL, CRM.

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