Transforming Communication at Alchemy Ingredients
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Enhancing efficiency and reliability for innovative cosmetics development

Alchemy Ingredients
Alchemy Ingredients is an independent organisation that develops natural raw material blends for cosmetics and creates natural alternatives to synthetic ingredients. The company is committed to improving the cosmetics industry through their innovative product formulations.
The personal care product manufacturer was looking for a reliable phone system they could trust to ensure consistent communication. By implementing Wildix’s efficient communication solution, they experienced increased engagement with the system and were able to focus on its core business activities, specifically cosmetics development.
I would absolutely recommend Wildix and LOQEX to other industries. We have a phone system that's reliable, a phone system that we can trust, our users are happier, they are engaged with the system much more, so they are not reverting to using their mobiles. We are able to get all of the benefits out of the system that we are investing in.
Lloyd Warren, Regulatory and Quality Manager for Alchemy Ingredients
Lloyd Warren
Regulatory and Quality Manager for Alchemy Ingredients
Alchemy Ingredients, a leading independent organisation specialising in the development of natural raw material blends for cosmetics, is committed to improving the cosmetics industry through innovative product formulations. However, it recognised the need for an improved communication system to ensure consistent collaboration and enhance user engagement.
To address this challenge, they turned to Wildix, a leader in unified communications and collaboration, in partnership with LOQEX, a Wildix Gold Partner. The seamless implementation of Wildix’s Android apps and LOQEX’s exceptional service transformed communication at Alchemy Ingredients, resulting in increased productivity, efficiency and overall business success.

Poor Call Quality and Disconnects Meant Missed Opportunities

Like many businesses, Alchemy Ingredients encountered communication challenges with their previous phone system. Poor call quality and frequent disconnections led to missed business opportunities and frustration among team members. To compensate for these issues, employees resorted to using their personal mobile phones, which limited their access to vital VoIP functionalities such as call transfer, voicemail and hunt groups. This reliance on mobile networks hindered streamlined and seamless communication, impacting overall productivity.

Fully Featured Android Apps Are Key

To overcome their communication hurdles, Alchemy Ingredients sought the expertise of LOQEX, a Wildix Gold Partner. LOQEX recommended Wildix’s reliable and feature-rich communication system as the ideal solution for Alchemy Ingredients’ business needs. The implementation included the setup of geographic virtual numbers, ring groups, voicemail and reliable 24/7 service. The complete range of Wildix solutions addressed the customer’s need for mobile-only functionality. The solution proved especially valuable for team members who lacked desk phones or browser-based VoIP solutions, as it empowered them to effortlessly and seamlessly access the desired functionalities of the system from their smartphones.
The partnership with LOQEX proved instrumental in delivering a seamless integration of the Wildix system at Alchemy Ingredients. The experienced team at LOQEX provided excellent service, promptly addressing any issues that arose while ensuring a smooth transition.
Lloyd Warren, the Regulatory and Quality Manager at Alchemy Ingredients, expressed his satisfaction with both the product and the service, stating, “The benefit of Wildix and LOQEX is that it’s a great product. It’s a voice over IP system that provides all the functionality that we need from it. With LOQEX, we get great service as well — they are responsive, problems are solved quickly, any changes that we need made get made almost immediately.”

Wildix Saves Time and Effort

The adoption of Wildix’s communication system brought significant improvements to Alchemy Ingredients. The switch to a reliable phone system ensured consistent call quality and eliminated the frustration of frequent disconnects. With the Wildix’s Android apps, employees were able to engage with the system more effectively, reducing their reliance on personal mobile phones. This shift also allowed Alchemy Ingredients to focus on their core business goals and activities, particularly cosmetics development.
Lloyd Warren further attested to the positive impact of Wildix and LOQEX on Alchemy Ingredients, stating, “We’ve saved a lot of time by moving over to Wildix. We have a provider that frees us up to focus on what we do best, which is cosmetics. I would absolutely recommend Wildix and LOQEX.”


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