Bawer and Wildix in step with innovation

Tradition and innovationcommitment and determination are the business principles of one of the companies which exports Italian excellence all over the world: Bawer S.p.A.

Founded in 2002 under the leadership of Pasquale Lorusso, Bawer produces and sells component parts and accessories made of steel, adapting their own production to the needs of the market with great timeliness and originality.

In its headquarters in Matera, the establishment extends over an area of 45,000 square meters, of which 16,000 square meters are dedicated to production and 1,000 square meters house the offices, on three levels.

To obtain such a high international profile, the importance of using the most advanced technologies must be one of the company pillars, and September 2014 brought Bawer to substitute its communication system, based up to that moment on the Selta ST40 PBX, with the Wildix system.

CLT Telefonia, which since 1987 has been working in the ICT field and which shares, through its collaborator in Altamura, Domenico Colonna, the Bawer principle of attention to innovation, has introduced the Wildix solution to the company in Matera.

Mr. Colonna has modernized the part of internal networks, to then install Wildix Multimedia System, with 2 GSM media gateways, fax server, DECT cordless W-Air phones, and Collaboration.

All this is aimed at allowing for the mobility of the Bawer collaborators both within the interior of the vast business area and outside.

The work aspects in which there was an actual improvement are varied, starting with the internal coverageover the entire area and in the different buildings, the advanced interface which is easily accessed from the desktop.

Chosen because it is extremely flexible, the new communication system was recognized, though, by the company above all for it Mobile Enterprise solution.

Francesco Cornacchia, from Bawer, tells us: “Being able to move about over 45,000 square meters and respond nonetheless to every phone call has decidedly changed my work method and that of my colleagues.”

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