Arrow Comms

Arrow Comms and Wildix
Understanding that each business has different requirements when it comes to communications, Arrow Comms, the business telephone systems and cloud telephony specialist from Newcastle upon Tyne, designs its philosophy around the individual requirements of every customer, ensuring that the offered services correspond to the latest trends in the UC&C industry and, most importantly, satisfy the needs of its customers.
The Arrow Comms-Wildix partnership started with a series of web demos that opened up the way to personal meetings with the Wildix UK team, who gave a complete introduction to the Wildix solution and demonstrated the real advantages the Wildix technology delivers. “After having a tentative call with the Wildix UK team who sounded so passionate about the product, we agreed to have a personal demonstration which subsequently convinced us to move forward with Wildix. We saw immediately how this product is a game-changer,” said Paul Clark, director at Arrow Comms.
We asked Paul to compare Wildix to similar vendors, and he stated: “With Wildix, the standard and advanced features really allow users to immediately become more productive. With Wildix Collaboration, for instance, a user can make and take calls, listen to business voicemails, and see the availability of colleagues from multiple devices — a Wildix desk phone, a personal iPad or simply a laptop — no headset or additional devices, simply using the speaker and the microphone. You can do similar things with some vendors — although from my own experience, all of these features are bolt-on products or services from third parties, making the whole user experience less than smooth. Just to sum up the comparison, I would say Wildix products perform perfectly out of the box, making the user experience simple and effective.”
Arrow Comms is relatively new to the Wildix Blue Ecosystem, but already Paul and his team can see an increased conversion ratio thanks to the Wildix solution.
“From someone new contacting us for a general inquiry or a referral from a client, we are converting these opportunities much quicker and much easier due to the demos we are doing ourselves now and the demos the guys from Wildix UK are doing. Wildix makes my job easier, and from a commercial perspective, this solution is easy to use, deploy and sell. From an engineering perspective, my team finds it really easy to deploy Wildix in a day, while a traditional PBX may take 2–3 days. Time is money, as you know,” Paul said.