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Monthly Recurring Revenue — How It Can Make Or Break Your Business

Wednesday, December 2
3 pm CEST / 1 pm PST
Jeni Weinstein

Imagine if you could guarantee a set amount of revenue for your business each month — does that sound like a dream come true? Well, the truth is, if you’re not doing just that right now, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for your business that can be the difference between thriving in a troubled market or going under.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the money your business brings in every month, guaranteed. If you’re still selling customers one-time purchase solutions instead of offering systems as a service (think like Netflix), you have a great chance for securing much-needed income for your company.

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Three Things Every VAR/MSP Needs to Survive

Three Things Every VAR/MSP Needs to Survive

08:00 PM / GMT +2:00
Tim Truelove

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As complicated as the UCC market is becoming, you don’t need the most complex strategy to survive. In this webinar, we’ll show you how with just three core points of business strategy, you can craft a unique plan that will ensure you hold onto (and even earn more from) your existing customer base.

The Wildix Partner strategy is really effective because it allows an organization that is used to installing on-premise equipment to slide right into this hosted option without changing their model other than the way that they sell it. There’s also the ability to enhance the value of your organization quite a bit because you’re moving from a contractor to a service provider, and that does wonders for the valuation and long-term stability of the company.

– Dan Cady, Founder and President of Cady Business Technologies

Don’t be a Trusted Advisor

Don’t be a Trusted Advisor

08:00 PM / GMT +2:00
Tim Truelove

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The market today is flooded with people claiming to be a “Trusted Advisor”: so-called industry experts who can tell customers what to do with their business, but not much else. The important question your customers are asking is, “Do I want someone who can just tell me what to do or do I want someone who has a stake in our success?” It’s critical that your customers know that you’ve invested in their company: not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk.

So how do you become more than a “Trusted Advisor” and develop a relationship critical to your customer’s success? We’ll tell you how — along with plenty more vital info — when you join us for our upcoming webinar.

I’m not losing my clients, because I now can transition them to the Wildix solutions, and because we are still their vendor that they know and trust, and will take care of them no matter what.

– Cyna Milinazzo, President and CEO of Liberty Communications

Wildix Spotlight : Clearfly combined with Wildix bring your UC architecture to the next level.

Clearfly and Wildix webinar

09:00 PM / GMT +2:00
Tim Truelove

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Trunk management and billing for services such as dialplan PBX configuration are some of the most challenging tasks for MSPs trying to deploy efficient UC infrastructures.

The combination of Clearfly and Wildix provides you with a truly geo redundant infrastructure, innovative quoting tools and real-time customer configurations and diagnostics.

The Wildix team is pleased to invite you to the second edition of “Trunk Provider Spotlight,” a webinar series where we highlight certified North American carriers.

For this edition, we would like to welcome Clearfly, who have been certified under Wildix WMS 5.

Amid the rise of dematerialization, telephony in the Cloud will experience significant acceleration. This is why Clearfly and Wildix offer you a complete toolbox that brings your customers a go-to-market solution with real partnership guarantees.

This Spotlight will be presented by Tim Truelove, Partner Technical Success Manager at Wildix and Tom Hall, Product Sales Manager at Clearfly.


  • Presentation of Clearfly
  • Presentation of Wildix
  • Demonstration of the interoperability of solutions
  • Discussion time: Questions / Answers from participants