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The Most Complete Smart Working Solution — Win With Wildix

Tuesday, December 1
12 pm EST / 9 am PST
Robert Cooper, Tim Truelove, Steve Grinsztein

Plenty of UCC providers think they have an effective Smart Working solution. But for that to be true, there are some points they should consider.

  • Sure, you have a cheap videoconferencing solution. But can you connect immediately with your customers, or do you have to wait and set up a meeting?
  • Sure, you have an old school phone system. But can your customers find the contact they’re looking for without navigating a difficult and frustrating phone tree?
  • Sure, you have a chatbot on your website. But are your customers talking to a real salesperson who can close a deal or a frustrating robot who can’t help at all?

These are the questions your customers are asking, and as their communications solution provider, you should have the answer. Now more than ever, your customers need a complete Smart Working solution that creates a digital storefront where they never miss a customer or sale. To discover the most complete unified communications solution and win with Wildix, register for our webinar!

The Cloud In Our Current Climate

Tuesday, December 1
2 pm EST / 1 pm CEST
Steve Grinsztein

With 10 years of industry growth in the last few months, vendors and customers alike are moving to the cloud faster than ever thought possible. However, if your customers are operating on an old school system, this can be more than just annoying: it can be downright dangerous for your business. These days, you must have a cloud-based solution that allows you to work from anywhere. Even beyond the current global health crisis, you must have a cloud-based solution that allows you to keep working even if there’s a fire, flood or earthquake.

With that being said, switching to the cloud is a lot easier than you might think. Better yet, providing a complete, cloud-based solution that will help your customers not just survive, but thrive, will make you indispensable and help secure your revenue stream.

Register for our webinar and learn how the cloud can impact your business in our current climate!

Smart Work & Success — More Than Work From Home

Wednesday, December 2
11:30 am EST / 8:30 am PST
Rick Wierzbowski

The global health crisis forced every company, from the smallest office to the largest factory, to take a look at their business model and see if their employees could work remotely. However, even once the pandemic is over, there is no guarantee that power outages, floods or even fires won’t keep your business from shutting down. So how do you guarantee that your employees aren’t just able to work from home, but able to work from anywhere at any time?

Join the Wildix team as we dive into what a solution needs to get your team back to business ASAP. Untether your communications solution and register for our webinar today!

Monthly Recurring Revenue — How It Can Make Or Break Your Business

Wednesday, December 2
3 pm CEST / 1 pm PST
Jeni Weinstein

Imagine if you could guarantee a set amount of revenue for your business each month — does that sound like a dream come true? Well, the truth is, if you’re not doing just that right now, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for your business that can be the difference between thriving in a troubled market or going under.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the money your business brings in every month, guaranteed. If you’re still selling customers one-time purchase solutions instead of offering systems as a service (think like Netflix), you have a great chance for securing much-needed income for your company.

Learn more about how MRR can make or break your business when you register for our webinar!