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Wildix Collaboration Mobile Apps

ALL THE Wildix Collaboration FEATURES ON iOS AND Android.

Wildix Collaboration Mobile Apps offer the Unified Communications features of your enterprise PBX on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android smartphones.

  • Calls via VoIP or GSM to all contacts in the phonebook
  • Video calls to users
  • Mobility callback service
  • Chat
  • Virtual reminders
  • Chat and call history
  • Users’ presence information and geolocation
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, external databases, MySql, MS SQL, CRM
  • Mobile SIP Client on WiFi, 3G-UMTS, 4G-LTE networks, G.729 and H.264 codecs
  • Encrypted HTTPS connection to the PBX
  • Support of Microsoft Exchange contacts

  • WMS version 3.40 or higher
  • iOS version 8 or higher
  • iPhone 4s minimum
  • Android OS 4 or higher

Pictures of Wildix Collaboration Mobile for Android and iOS


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