Unified Communications Solutions by Wildix

Complete unified communications (UC) to boost your business’s sales

Get the very best in unified communications and collaboration  — as a service

With Wildix, you’ll have a complete suite of enterprise-grade unified communications in the cloud that fit your organization’s exact needs — all with automatic updates, built-in warranties and zero hassle.

Unified Communications: Definition

Unified communications solutions make up all the communications systems your company uses daily — phones, instant messaging, video calls and beyond — all delivered to you digitally, as a service in a single interface. Already, unified communications and collaboration solutions are being adopted by industries all over the world and across verticals for their ease of use and business flexibility.

With UC technology from Wildix, all your communications are available right in your browser, all accessible from any device. Send and receive voice calls, video calls, instant messages and more in the office or even on your personal devices, all with the latest updates rolled out immediately for maximum convenience and security.

Sales-Oriented UC Solutions, Only From Wildix

Do more with your communications. Wildix brings you the first UCaaS system designed for the convenience and ease of use you need to streamline business processes, remove bottlenecks and close more deals.

Unlike other UC solutions providers, Wildix is the market’s first sales-oriented unified communications and collaboration system that brings you:

25% more time saved (2 hours per employee per day) in daily operations
Up to 52% more sales through messaging directly through your website
100% security without external hardware or additional apps