Salesforce Classic

Add call functionalities in your Salesforce Classic platform with Wildix.


  • Type of Integration: Wildix Certified
  • Type of Connection: WiService
  • Wildix Product Concerned: CRM

FREE / EXTRA CHARGES: 15€ / Month / User

Salesforce Classic

Salesforce Classic is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It’s one integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer.

About Salesforce Classic

Salesforce is an innovative company behind the world’s #1 CRM solution. The software is cloud-based, it permits to access to past customer interactions, and even identify new sales opportunities by analyzing your best customers’ purchase histories.


  • WMS version: 4.01 or higher
  • Installed WIService
  • Salesforce license with the access to Classic Platform

Wildix Licence

Wildix UC-Business or Higher

Level of Expertise

Expert +++

Salesforce Classic and Wildix Integration Supported Features


Search Bar for contacts

Call history

Auto-detect existing contact in Data Base

Auto-open existing contact for incoming and outgoing call

Salesforce Lightning Integration with Wildix UC System


They Already Installed This Integration

  • …The introduction of the Plantronics headsets integrated with Wildix, had – as an immediate positive effect – an increase in productivity, above all, for the operators of the call center.

    Roberto Stronati
    Roberto Stronati Valore BF - Business Development Manager
  • …In addition, Wildix mobility service has changed the way we work. We are often on the move, on different floors of the hotel or in the conference center, but now we have more mobility and freedom in our movements. Wildix mobility allows us to increase our availability and reachability, which is essential in our work, since we must provide the information or to make reservations on the phone, and thus, stay in touch at any time of the day.

    Barbara Agos
    Barbara Agos Roseo Hotels - Vd