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Who is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an innovative company behind the world’s #1 CRM solution. The software is cloud-based, it permits to access to past customer interactions, and even identify new sales opportunities by analyzing your best customers’ purchase histories.

Who is Mirage?

Mirage Computer, founded in 1995, is an innovative provider of tools for developers and computer telephony applications.

  • More than 3500 customers in over 75 countries
  • Salesforce ISV Partner


CTI Data Connector for Salesforce



Easy to use telephony application based on Salesforce latest technology Open CTI

  • Native Browser computer telephony integration (CTI) in Salesforce
  • Outgoing and incoming calls
  • Automatically saves call Information as an activity
  • Call history list with quick access to recent phone calls
  • Works with Sales and Service Cloud, person accounts
  • Call history list with previous and missed calls
  • Caller identification from accounts, contacts and leads
  • Type in a phone note which is automatically saved – including the information about call duration, call type (incoming / outgoing call), call result, call start and end time
  • Runs on Terminal Server / Citrix, Windows 10, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome
  • Integrates using Wildix TAPI (TSP) driver

More information on CTI Data Connector: LINK



Information on Mirage

Mirage is hosted in Amazon datacenters in the United States, Ireland, Singapore and Germany. In the event of a service outage, other datacenters ensure failover and continuity of service.


  • Large number of servers ensure a continuous service.
  • Salesforce login credentials are required to establish the connection between the local TAPI connector and the CTI Data Connector in the browser. No password or additional information is required.
  • Mirage Cloud does not store any data. The data is stored on the server and is automatically deleted after a period of time.

You can monitor the server uptime from the Mirage website.

More information:

Connection between the phone system and the Mirage Cloud is possible thanks to the Wildix TAPI connector, which sends such data as caller identification and call details to Mirage Cloud service. CTI Data ConnectorⓇ continuously checks if there is new data available.
The following data is shared between the TAPI driver, the Mirage Cloud service and the CTI Data ConnectorⓇ:

  • Salesforce login credentials
  • URL of Mirage Cloud Service
  • Configuration parameters of the call center (such as external line prefix)
  • Caller and called party identification information
  • Call details such as incoming call, call on hold, call hangup, etc
  • Additional data necessary to establish and manage the connection

Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited or Developer Edition license, or Chatter Plus license are required for call center features. The integration works with Sales and Service Cloud.

More information on features and supported systems: LINK
Install the Wildix TAPI driver: LINK


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