Kuando Busylight


Kuando Busylight UC is a USB device which uses a multi color LED light to provide real-time presence status information to your colleagues.

It is available in two different models:

  • Alpha – with a smart click ON/OFF system for monitors/ laptops
  • Omega – with a bigger light for cubicles etc.


Alpha und Omega models

  • Multi color LED light
  • USB connected
  • 3 meter cord


Integration with Wildix

Kuando Busylight UC has plug&play compatibility with Wildix Collaboration—a web-based tool that enables simple, instant and secure communication between the employees from different offices of the company, from any location and using any device.
Thanks to the visual presence status indicator designed by Plenom, everyone in the office can see immediately, whether a colleague is available for a conversation, busy on the phone, or does not want to be disturbed.

PRESENCE STATUS (synced with Wildix Collaboration)

Collaboration Status Busylight Color
Away Status


Available status

Logged in – available

Do not disturb Status

Do not disturb (DND)

Offline Status

Logged out – offline



CALL STATUS (synced with Wildix Collaboration)

Collaboration Status Busylight Color
On the phone Status

On the phone

solid red
Incoming Call

Incoming Call

user status color + fast blinking red + delay
missed call

Missed Call

user status color + one blink red every 4 seconds

  • Wildix Collaboration WMS v. 3.83.33737 (Headset integration) and higher – compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 or higher (accessible via the latest version of an HTML5 browser), Microsoft Windows 7 or higher (accessible via the latest version of an HTML5 browser), Linux (accessible via Chrome browser)
  • Kuando Busylight Hardware (Alpha / Omega)
Video tutorial:

About the manufacturer

Plenom company is based in Denmark and works through a channel of trusted distributors, System Integrators and resellers in more than 30 countries in the world. Since 2003 the company produces Kuando Busylight, real-time presence status light indicators, to improve information flows and office intelligence.

Info request

This plug & play interoperability is provided by Wildix. Kuando Busylight is only responsible for the hardware. Please contact Wildix if you have any questions about the software or/and compatibility.

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