Wildix Talks the First Communications Platform for Increasing Sales at UC&C Summit 2021

Press release

Talinn, 18 of January – Wildix, the global provider of WebRTC-based collaboration systems in the Cloud, has recently finished their online-hosted UC&C Summit 2021. At the event, the company unveiled a lineup of solutions which together create the market’s first communications platform designed to support companies’ sales process and increase profitability.

The emphasis of the Summit, it was noted, was market updates and how Wildix Partners may best take advantage of overall industry changes.

“This Summit is about business opportunities,” said Steve Osler, Wildix CEO. “For all of us, technology has become the new, permanent framework for how we live our lives. That’s why, today more than ever, communication solution providers are playing a huge role in business, and why these professionals have the potential to make a difference in people’s businesses.”
Steve Osler
Steve Osler
Founder and CEO of Wildix

Headlining the Summit was Steve Osler, Dimitri Osler (Wildix CTO), Emiliano Tomasoni (Wildix CMO), Alberto Benigno (Wildix CSO) and Elena Kornilova (Wildix Technical Communication Manager). The event also featured a number of guest speakers from outside the Wildix organization, including Dominic Black (Director of Research at the Cavell Group) and Julie Thomas (CEO of ValueSelling).

The Summit also saw the unveiling of several new additions to Wildix’s portfolio of value-adding communications solutions.

x-bees logo

First among these was x-bees, a platform for routing all business communications — including VoIP calls, chats, video calls and more — into a single in-browser interface in order to streamline collaboration and improve lead management procedures.

We created x-bees because the lead management phase involves more than one person,” explained Dimitri Osler. “The sales team often needs to collaborate on how to provide the best service and turn a lead into a customer.”
Dimitri Osler
CTO at Wildix

Built based on the React Javascript framework, x-bees is the first unified communications platform designed to boost sales. It will be available in beta in Q2 of 2021.

In hardware, Wildix announced DuoLED Bluetooth, a fully wireless version of the previous headset. Equipped with a microphone, status-indicator lights and two comfortably padded earphones, the device will be available for sale in Q1 of 2021.

Also featured was x-caracal, Wildix’s solution for tracking leads and customers throughout the sales process. Much like an ACD stats tool, x-caracal monitors company communications with external leads, allowing for internal awareness of what elements in the sales funnel function smoothly and what can be improved. x-caracal is set to become available in Q1 of 2021.

Significantly, Wildix also unveiled Wizywebinar, the company’s all-in-one solution for creating, hosting and inviting potential customers to webinars. Wizywebinar is planned to release in Q1 of 2021, launching with full integration with Wizyconf station.

Closing out the event, Wildix listed its top 11 performers for the 2020 year, while also announcing that the company will expand its rewards program to further incentivize high rates of monthly recurring revenue in the coming year.

“In 2020, we handed out over half a million dollars in bonuses to you in discounts and rebates,” said Alberto Benigno. “In these extraordinary times, we have expanded the Wildix rewards program. We will introduce a special incentive not only for the best results, but also for the top growing businesses. In this way, no one is excluded from the Wildix rewards program.”
Alberto Benigno
CSO at Wildix