Wildix Streamlines Web-based Communications

Press release

Columbus, Ohio. (June 24, 2020) – Wildix, developer of the first web-based unified communications and collaboration solution, today announced the release of WMS5, a major enhancement to its management system that leverages the capabilities of browser-based unified communications to enable users to attract more customers and accelerate the customer journey from consideration through purchasing.

With this new release we’ve focused on breaking down the communication silos that frustrate visitors to a company’s website and lengthen the sales process,” said Robert Cooper, Managing Director of Wildix North America. “Increasingly, the web represents the first, and most important, contact an organization has with potential customers. But visitors often abandon the process when they can’t get answers quickly or are limited to email as their only communication channel. Browser-based unified communication allows the web site to serve as an extension of the sales team and move customers through the process faster and more efficiently.”

Expanded Functionality, Improved Sales Performance

WMS5 expands Wildix’s Kite functionality, which enables instantaneous communication through a simple link to chat. Wildix users can now easily enable chat functionality that provides the ability to route chat requests to the first available representative or employ a chatbot to address simple inquiries. With chat, voice and video all integrated through the browser, customers have more ways to interact and sales can be more responsive to customer needs.

Prospective customers can get basic questions addressed through a chatbot and then elevate to live chat when ready. Sales representatives can transition easily from chat to voice to video without the customer ever leaving their browser. As a result, sales processes that previously would have required multiple communications over several days or weeks – with multiple opportunities for missed connections and customer abandonment – can be resolved through a single interaction.

Additional communication capabilities enabled by WMS5 include support for a shared voice mail inbox, missed call notification and improved communication distribution.

More Robust Video Conferencing and Web Hosting Capabilities

WMS5 also expands the video conferencing capabilities of the Wildix platform on desktop and mobile devices. WMS5 video conferencing capabilities support a display of up to nine user video streams in tile format and more interactive participation through features such as “raise your hand.” Meeting hosts have greater control over video conferences through “mute all” and “unmute all” capabilities, and the ability to remove participants from the meeting. Because the platform is inherently web-based, participants outside the Wildix user organization are never required to download and install an app to access the conference.

The Wildix platform also eliminates the need for a separate webinar hosting platform. With WMS5, the Wildix platform can host webinars with up to 10,000 participants with intuitive screen sharing and the ability to play YouTube videos directly on the platform.

Scalable and Secure

WMS5 enables up to 100,000 users on a single network, more than three times what was available on the previous platform. The number of simultaneous calls that can be supported has increased by 150% while increased communication efficiency results in a 50% reduction in bandwidth requirements, a major advantage at a time when video conferencing is becoming more common.

Like WMS4, WMS5 uses WebRTC for built-in security that immunizes the platform from malware attacks and ensures secure data transmission. The system includes multiple encryption features that are turned on by default, prevents users from setting overly simple passwords and prevents attackers from using brute force password attacks.

Industry-Leading Technology

WMS5 was developed using the React JavaScript library to ensure the highest level of interactivity and simplicity in use. Using React creates a cohesive experience between desktop and mobile devices. It also enhances integration between client services and the Wildix server and enables streamlined authentication.

The Wildix unified communications platform with WMS5 is available exclusively through Wildix partners. For partners, the new management system opens opportunities to sell to larger enterprises, simplifies configuration and enhances communication efficiency.