Wildix Guest Lecture at Harvard University Graduate Class: The WebRTC Revolution

Dimitri Osler Dimitri Osler, CTO Wildix

This April, I enjoyed giving a guest lecture, “Moving the Enterprise to Mobile” at Harvard University. It was my pleasure to cover topics such as WebRTC implementation, standards, and architecture to a graduate class, developed and taught by Wildix’s US marketing consultant, Christina Inge of Thoughtlight

Christina explained the importance of the using mobile video in your marketing plan. According to researchers, in 2018 mobile video ads will represent half of the total online video ad spending and this growth is due to the growth of 4G coverage, screen size and ability to consume video on mobile devices. Today, with the demise of Flash, Mobile developers are adopting WebRTC for voice and video calling.

There are many reasons to switch to WebRTC: Google derived its codebase from a state-of-the-art media company it acquired, which is the best in the industry. It’s easy to port WebRTC to mobile and it’s a strong option for companies starting to build mobile applications.

I shared with the students more about what WebRTC is, which standards and protocols it uses, and how it is possible to access multimedia streams like real-time audio and video communication all with the help of getUserMedia API.

I discussed WebRTC Early Adopters like Google, Mozilla, and Facebook  also noting latecomers like Microsoft and Apple. Working with tech students who wanted to learn more about WebRTC was very rewarding, and it looks like interest in it is growing!

ThoughtLight Website: www.thoughtlight.net