Wildix is going on the road!

Get a head start in the world of unified communications with a Wildix roadshow.

Unique experiences plus a great demo to let you know your business is secured

Come and Join Us for an Experience You Won’t Forget

On the Road With Wildix - US Roadshows!

Explore the world of unified communications and how it can impact your business with a truly legendary Wildix roadshow. We have three dates for you where you can enjoy a great Wildix experience and then kick back and relax with an awesome event.


Win with Wildix

Attack the strike zone with a Wildix roadshow that puts you in the big leagues. We got a date with the Anaheim Angels on September 27 that’ll hit your communications out of the park — a quick pitch, and then it’s time to pick up beer and dogs and head to the bleachers (or perhaps a private booth!). With our Wildix Roadshow, you’ll be ready for every bunt, strike and steal that comes your way.
6:00 pm
Meet and Greet

6:30 pm
Game time
7:00 pm
The Fullness of Wildix (Dinner)
7:30 pm

Race Day with Wildix

But if baseball isn’t your thing, you can buzz around the track in Atlanta, Georgia, with our Porche experience day. On October 12, we’ll be gearing up to test out some supercars in our Wildix Roadshow, which puts you in the driving seat of communications. Experience the thrills and spills of incredible speeds, tight turns and fast chicanes.
12:00 pm
Meet and Greet (self guided tour)
12:30 pm
Demo Laps
1:30 pm
The Fullness of Wildix (Lunch)
2:00 pm

Cheers to Wildix

If a slower pace of life is called for, we’ll be at the Brandy Library in New York City on November 9. This sophisticated space is suitable for cocktail connoisseurs and novices alike, letting you enjoy a treasured tipple or explore new flavors. A quick demonstration, and it’s time to enjoy quiet conversation and great jazz playing softly in the background. It’s truly a unique opportunity to explore the relaxing side of communications in the city that never sleeps.
6:30 pm
Meet and Greet
7:00 pm
Brandy Tasting Experience
7:45 pm
The Fullness of Wildix (Dinner)
8:15 pm

If you want to enjoy one of these incredible experiences, contact us using the contact form!

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