Wildix Web Conferencing in High Demand Post-Pandemic 

Press release

User numbers are up 300% since pre-Covid, despite a return to the office

Tallinn, Estonia — December 28, 2022 — Wildix has announced today that the number of current users on its web conferencing platform, Wizyconf, is 300% higher than in 2019, proving that despite the push to return to the office, video conferencing remains an essential tool in the modern workplace.

By the end of May 2020, Wildix had seen a 900% increase in users and over a 550% rise in conference rooms in just four months. While numbers began to drop off in 2021, with conference rooms sliding down 35%, the UCaaS provider has witnessed a stable demand that shows no signs of returning to pre-pandemic levels.

“In early 2020, many industry experts were shouting that web conferencing is here to stay,” said Elena Kornilova, the Product Marketing Manager at Wildix. “At Wildix we’re delighted to share that this seems to be the case. Guests are making up less than half of Wizyconf attendees, while employees have become the main audience, demonstrating how integral video conferencing is to our remote and hybrid working world.”

Elena Kornilova, Product Marketing Manager at Wildix
Elena Kornilova,
Product Marketing Manager at Wildix

The increase in demand has given Wildix plenty of feedback which it has used to continue improving its platform with an eye on ever-evolving trends.

“During this past year, we increased the number of simultaneous video users to 70, added remote desktop control and included a real-time, talk ratio display,” added Elena. “All of these updates came from user suggestions, with salespeople particularly finding the talk ratio display helpful in monitoring their personal talk time during client calls. But perhaps the most fascinating trend is the need for remote control on a conference call as more and more people opt for this over one-to-one calls and chats.”

With nearly 10 years of experience in WebRTC, Wildix runs its web conferencing directly in the browser and requires no downloads, installations or updates. Video calls are kept safe and confidential using peer-to-peer connections and built-in encryptions as part of Wildix’s secure-by-design approach. Additionally, Wildix offers conferencing hardware specifically designed for Wizyconf, making it easy to connect offices to remote employees and the rest of the world.

Wildix’s solutions are available from a wide range of partners across the world. If you would like to join the partner-first Wildix ecosystem, visit wildixpartner.com.