VoIP.ms becomes a certified Wildix SIP trunk carrier

Press release

Columbus, OH – Today, Wildix announced that VoIP.ms, the Most Feature-Rich VoIP Provider, have received company certification. VoIP.ms is a leading provider of SIP trunks across United States and Canada, and is already working hand-in-hand with a number of Wildix Partners who are distributing reliable combined VoIP and UcasS services, thanks to this certification.

This interoperability enhances the voice quality of the phone systems for medium and large companies by merging VoIP.ms’ feature-rich cloud-based communications service with the first 100% sales-oriented Unified Communications solution developed by Wildix.

“VoIP.ms is a great carrier to boost a Cloud transition and digital transformation,” said Robert Cooper, Managing Director of Wildix Americas. “We are thrilled to merge Wildix’s sales-oriented features with VoIP.ms’ capabilities to provide end users with powerful equipment for their growth.”
Robert Cooper, Managing Director of North America at Wildix
Robert Cooper
Managing Director of Wildix Americas

The Wildix Interoperability Certification represents an ecosystem of valuable carriers. Certified SIP providers all demonstrate a commitment to product quality and customer experience.

“We are always looking to partner with companies and tools that make it even easier for our customers to achieve their growth goals,” said David Rouleau, Chief Operating Officer at VoIP.ms. “Wildix is offering just that along with efficiency and security, and we are excited we have earned this Certification.”
David Rouleau, Chief Operating Officer at VoIP.ms
David Rouleau
Chief Operating Officer at VoIP.ms.

For more information on Wildix and VoIP.ms, be sure to tune into our webinar for MSPs on May 12th at 2pm ET.

Learn more about the SIP Trunk certification configuration here.