Podcast: Wildix encourages partners to break out of the pack

This market has become so competitive, and it is a world of a lot of me-too products,” says Robert Cooper of Wildix. Recorded love at ITEXPO and MSPExpo, where Cooper presented a session on market differentiation to a sellout crowd (standing room only). Cooper thinks many companies are suffering in not being able to offer a difference and therefore are pushed to compete on price only. In this podcast, Cooper lays out the case to differentiate a set of services that set the services offered apart. Cooper looks at mobility, flexibility and simplicity as being critical. “With Wildix, we started with the end user focus out,” says Cooper. Copper thinks that offering simple to use services is important because complexity discourages users and can even lead to dissatisfaction and defection. We learn about Wildix and how Wildix is working with its partners to deliver better results and experiences.

Listen to the podcast here: telecomreseller.com