Podcast: Uncovering value in the sales process

We don’t create value, we uncover and connect to it,” says Mitch Friedman, a Managing Partner at Value Selling Associates. In this podcast, reporting on a program recently offered to Wildix partners, we learn about how MSPs can avoid price driven sales and move towards a product differentiated, less price dependent sales process and model. Robert Cooper, Country Manager of Wildix Inc. discusses Wildix’s ongoing effort to up the game for the partner community, by changing the mindset from price to value. Friedman outlines what that can actually mean by further defining solutions selling and outlining better strategies such as better probing of reported and unreported customer challenges and then being able to effectively solve problems customers are aware of, and possible customer work process that could be improved. In this podcast we hear about how we build a value centered sales process.

Listen to the podcast here: telecomreseller.com