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Working together to provide the first AWS-powered VoIP and UCaaS solution that is secure by design and built to increase sales.
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Wildix’s solutions rely on AWS Cloud Services to help us deliver secure, scalable and insight-rich VoIP solutions that give businesses peace of mind and fuel data-driven decisions.

Enhanced security and compliance

Security is central to Wildix solutions, which is why we designed them to be secure and compliant from day one. With AWS’s comprehensive suite of security services, we ensure sensitive data and communications are protected from potential threats at every stage; while AWS’s compliance certifications, such as HIPAA and GDPR, allow us to meet the regulatory needs of businesses in a wide variety of countries and industries.

Scalable and reliable infrastructure

Wildix leverages AWS’s global network of data centers and cloud infrastructure to provide communication solutions that deliver unmatched performance and availability. With our AWS-powered VoIP system, our customers can confidently rely on our services, knowing that their communications are efficiently and securely managed — no matter how their needs may vary and change.

Data analytics and insights

Employing tools, such as Amazon Redshift and Amazon QuickSight, Wildix empowers businesses with valuable insights into their communication data. By analyzing call metrics, customer interactions, and trends, our solutions enable organizations to make data-driven decisions and optimize their communication strategies for improved efficiency and customer experience.


Fully secure and built with expertise, Wildix is a proud AWS partner with three communications solutions employing AWS‑certified software: x‑bees, x‑hoppers and our VoIP cloud PBX.



Cloud PBX

Wildix Cloud PBX leverages AWS architecture and data centers to give our customers access to our clear, reliable AWS-powered VoIP service anytime, anywhere.


File storage

From backups to voicemails, Wildix utilizes AWS’s robust storage infrastructure to securely store essential data while also ensuring our customers can save, access and share files seamlessly across their communication ecosystem.


Speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS)

Amazon Transcribe and TTS service empowers Wildix to provide real-time voicemail transcriptions and natural-sounding, text-produced speech that gives our customers personalized voice interactions for everything from IVR to PA announcements.



Wildix employs Amazon Location Service to provide accurate and reliable data for emergency calls, employee location, data storage and other location-based communication needs.



Wildix uses Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to send PBX email notifications about new voicemails, missed calls, chat requests, call recordings and even faxes so our users never miss an important message.



Browser-based and download-free, Wildix offers audio and video conferencing as part of our AWS-powered UCaaS solutions, making it easy to meet with anyone, anywhere on any device.



Built not only as a broadcasting platform but also as a sales tool, Wizywebinar uses AWS architecture to create a simple, enjoyable webinar experience that connects to the phone system and CRM so our customers can instantly follow-up with attendees.



More than just a chat widget, our WebRTC Kite connects web visitors directly to sales representatives, allowing customers to chat or hold an audio or video call straight from the browser.


Integrations connector

With over 250 ready-to-go integrations, Wildix Integrations Manager (WIM) utilizes Amazon API Gateway to make it easy to manage existing integrations and allow our partners to create tailored unified experiences.


Data analytics

Powered by Amazon Redshift, Wildix Data Analytics (WDA) creates reports covering inbound and outbound calls, agent activity and other useful communications analytics.


A customer communication platform, x-bees employs a number of AWS services to provide a communication system that integrates with calendars, CRMs and AI analytics, ensuring businesses never lose touch with a lead.
Prospects can click on a link to book a meeting, instantly creating a conference both in x‑bees and on the integrated calendar.
With a live dashboard and analytics, x‑bees lets businesses see real-time and historical data on sales activities and performance.
x-bees works with leading CRMs — Salesforce and Hubspot — to automatically log calls, immediately identify customer calls and show important customer data — all without leaving the application.
With a live dashboard and analytics, x‑bees lets businesses see real-time and historical data on sales activities and performance.


A retail headset system powered by Wildix, x-hoppers uses a host of AWS services to connect frontline retail workers to systems, customers and beyond.
x-hoppers’ AI theft detection analyzes CCTV footage and posts video clips of suspicious gestures directly to the connected x‑bees chat for review.
Conversations over the broadcast can be automatically recorded and transcribed and posted to a connected x‑bees chat to help managers identify knowledge gaps, customer issues and support team members from afar.

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