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The smart browser-based UCaaS platform for managing your leads, improving your customer service and increasing sales

The right UCaaS platform can support your sales team in driving more sales. If you choose a business communications solution designed to boost your conversion rate, you’ll come closer to realizing your business goals and your revenue will increase dramatically. All this can happen with 100% security, directly from your browser, thanks to the Cloud and the magic of WebRTC technology.
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There are plenty of business communications solutions and Unified Communications and Collaboration tools. Unfortunately, most are not designed to achieve your business’s specific goal: to grow your revenue and increase your close rate. Salespeople and employees spend too much time on activities that do not bring any money, such as filing customer and prospect profiles, updating contacts and constantly switching from one program or device to another.
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x-bees unifies all your communication and collaboration initiatives within one user interface. Unlike other UC&C solutions, it is specifically designed to boost sales and improve your customer service.
As the UC&C user interface for internal and external communications, x-bees is the core part of the Wildix business communications package. It provides access to all Wildix services, including chat, audio and video, screen sharing, video conferencing, webinars, and call monitoring and analysis.
Why bees?
Because bees are the most collaborative animals in nature.
They are fast, productive and most of all, cooperative in working to expand their hive. Bee like them with Wildix!
x-bees allows you to collaborate with colleagues and communicate with your leads and customers from one single access point. As a result, you can reduce time spent on daily operations by 25% (2 hours per day per employee) while empowering sales performances.
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See how x-bees can help your company in managing your leads
The Customer Journey Boosters from Wildix
inspired by
Wildix is the first vendor to have mapped out the customer journey and created a booster for each step.
We take inspiration from the very best in the field!
Our insight and integrations allow us to provide you with the most effective path for following your leads throughout the customer journey.
The Customer Journey Boosters from Wildix
Lead Generation - Wildix WebRTC Kite
Lead Generation Tool
Wildix WebRTC Kite
External users can get in touch with your company via the web using Wildix WebRTC Kite, available directly on your website as a contact-me button or an expandable widget.
Lead Generation Tool
Another tool for lead generation is Wizywebinar, the web-based webinar platform, fully integrated into the Wildix communications system, allowing you to communicate with registrants and to follow up with attendees directly from the x-bees platform.
Lead Generation Wizywebinar
Lead Conversion Booster
Requests from your website arrive directly to x-bees. From there, the employee who is processing this request can add more colleagues to the chat at any time. Moreover, the external user can invite people in as well. At this stage of the customer journey, it’s important to make sure that your customers’ expectations are met. For this purpose, we’d like to introduce x-caracal, the Wildix lead conversion booster.
x-caracal provides companies with built-in business intelligence tools, gathering data from different sources and enabling you to stay in control of your business.
Lead Conversion Tool
A group chat with both the customer and company employees can transition to a web conference with one mouse click. Wizyconf, the Wildix web conferencing solution, acts as the lead conversion tool that fosters decision-making through a face-to-face meeting.
Lead Conversion Tool Wizyconf
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How is the Wildix UC&C platform different from other UCaaS solutions?
Unlike other UC&C solutions that are mainly aimed at improving internal collaboration, x-bees enables you to effectively communicate with your leads and customers, and to drive more sales.
Most UCC tools have a number of issues that prevent companies from managing their leads and turning them into paying customers.
It’s time to overcome those problems and start boosting your sales effectiveness. Take advantage of the benefits that x-bees will bring to your company.

Benefit 1: Reach out to visitors and leads directly from your website

Usually, there’s no way to know who is reaching out to the company through the website.

With x-bees, you can always be sure who is contacting you, whether it’s a new website visitor, a qualified lead or a returning paying customer. The system will always recognize the client and put them in contact with the same person or team they were previously in touch with.

In x-bees, you can see the history of all your previous communications with an external user. No matter which device they are using, they will always be recognized by the system. Our platform not only keeps track of all your interactions with leads and customers, but it also integrates with Salesforce, the number one CRM and leader in sales worldwide.

Benefit 2: Keep in touch with your customers, even after they close the browser window

With standard solutions, there’s no way to contact the customer after they close the browser window.

On the other hand, when someone reaches out to your company through your website, they will open the “customer” version of x-bees and are then invited to download the mobile app. The free x-bees mobile app is available for all end-customers. This allows the company operator to contact the website visitor even after they close the browser window.

Benefit 3: Have all the decision-makers in one place

When you are speaking to a customer about a complex project, you may need to involve several people from both sides. But this can be quite complex with traditional vendors.

With x-bees, you can add more colleagues to a chat with an external user. Moreover, your customer can invite people in as well. This way, you can have all the decision-makers in one place in no time. In addition, you can instantly move everyone from the chat room to a web conference.

Benefit 4: Broadcast your content to your customer base through channels

In business today, there’s no easy way to keep in touch with your customer base. That’s why x-bees offers a channels feature, allowing companies to broadcast content to a group of people. It can be used to update your client base on a new product or inform them about a promo. x-bees provides you with all the tools you need to convert leads into customers, engage them, delight them and drive more sales through a better customer experience.

Benefit 5: Go global: call your international customers

Supporting x-bees is a reliable VoIP platform featuring all the advanced telephony features from Wildix.

For further support, there’s CLASSOUND – Wildix’s ready-to-use embedded SIP trunk that comes with your communication system. Add office numbers in up to 95 countries and reduce tech ticket output by 50%.

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Key Technological Partners
x-bees features a mobile-first architecture and comes with React Native mobile apps for Android and iOS. x-bees is based on React Native – the best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
The web version natively integrates with WebRTC and offers the same set of features and the same user experience as the mobile app thanks to a shared codebase.
For managing user authentication, x-bees relies on Amazon Cognito — the most powerful service for user identification and access control.
With x-bees, you get all the expected UC&C features, and even more:
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How can I get x-bees?
All that’s required to begin using x-bees is a Wildix VoIP PBX and a UC license.

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The platform fully embraces the concept of smart working and remote working, providing employees with all the tools they need to be productive and efficiently communicate with colleagues and customers from any place and in any situation.
The web version of x-bees can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet, directly via the web browser, without the need to install any client or component. Enable smart working in your company.
Wildix is an award-winning global brand with proven experience in delivering enterprise-grade VoIP solutions and communications in the Cloud. Learn more about our Cloud VoIP Solutions.
Wildix’s UCaaS model is fully scalable. Any time someone joins or leaves the company, your organization can change the number of licenses or the level of license, without disrupting your daily activities. Learn more about our UCaaS licensing model.